Director of Tournaments is looking to add an experienced sports event professional to develop our tournament products Regionally, Provincially, Nationally and Internationally.  We are an operator of a growing group of multi-sport facilities with an Internationally recognized brand and this position will appeal to a talented, aggressive, self confident individual who wishes to have an opportunity to advance and develop within our organization.  This is an entrepreneurial position and compensation will be driven by the success of this expansion.

This job will be a new position within the organization and the ideal candidate will have had some successful experience in a similar role. Developing & executing the business strategy through strong communication\marketing strategies that develop the activity will be the major responsibility for this individual. 

Skill Expectations for Applicants:  Experience will play a major role in the hiring decision, so an applicant with experience will have an advantage.  Positive Interpersonal skills and a high energy level will be important in dealing with clients.  Solid knowledge in the use of computer and other communication systems is expected with any applicant.

Hours of Work: The position will be a full time position with hour’s spread throughout the year. Nights & weekend time will be expected as the objective of this position is to develop the ongoing tournament revenue of the brand.

Timing: The Position is available immediately & expected to be filled by April 2017.

Compensation: Compensation, Incentives, Benefits, Vacation and business expenses will be open for negotiation and dependent on the past experience of the individual and the success of the strategies expected to be executed.

Contact: Applicants should respond to Brian Broley at