WINTER (1) 2016

Key 2016 Adult Winter (1) Dates:

Register EARLY  TO SAVE $100 per team                                 by Tuesday, November 1st  

Register EARLY  TO SAVE $50 per team                                   by Tuesday, November 8th  

Minimum $100 Deposit                                                          Tuesday, November 8th     

Team & Roster Form Required by                                            Tuesday, November 8th     

Team Rep Meeting                                                                 Tuesday, November 8th, 7:15pm

Season Will Begin                                                                Week of November 15th     

 Please note teams will only play on their designated day/evening



Each Adult Team is responsible for having the equivalent of 10 paid players on their team and can choose to look after their financial obligations through one of the following two methods:

     1)     SINGLE TEAM PAYMENT ► $442.48 (+HST) = $500.00 

Teams are still required to have a minimum 8 person roster. This option allows a team rep to deal with their own economics and collect the funds from teammates. Running with the maximum of 12 players on the roster allows the team to lower the cost per participant.      

2)     INDIVIDUAL FEE Per Player ► $44.25 (+HST) = $50.00

Teams can choose to have each individual player register for their team. Teams are still required to have a minimum 8 person roster if choosing this payment method (but would need at least 10 players to reach the required $500.00 in fees). Register your team with us and we will set it up for online registration within 24 hours. Then your players can register in person or from home over the Iinternet.

Teams will NOT be allowed to play if any part of the fees remains unpaid past the deadline. Team Reps and players on the team are responsible to the club for these fees once the team has been placed in the schedule.  We recommend that all teams have at least 10 players (the roster max. is 12 unique players).

Please note that team t-shirts are not included. All participants must have matching team shirts, with single or double digit numbers. Teams may purchase shirts from the club for $97.35 (+HST) = $110.00 per set of 10, or $11 extra per player.

Any questions or concerns please contact:

Tom Roberts