Wolfpak Canada wins ISBHF World Championship in Banff

Back on June 1 -5, 2016 in Banff, Alberta, Canada, the ISBHF held their Masters World Championships.  After 5 days of competing it was Wolfpak Canada with the 1-0 win in the gold medal game to be crowned world champions!

The Wolfpak Canada Ball Hockey Team, representing the Canadian Ball Hockey Associationarrived in beautiful Banff, Alberta as the current Canadian National Masters Champions and left with a 7 - 0 record and a gold medal around their necks and a world championship trophy in hand.

ballhockey.com had a chance to speak with Wolfpak and they wanted to say that

"On behalf of the Wolfpak Canada team we congratulate all teams that participated in Banff on a great week of Ball Hockey at the Fenlands Arena's. It was great to see some familiar faces from around the World and to meet knew players for the first time."
Established in 1995 the WOLFPAK could not of achieved what they did in Banff without all the players that ever have ever dawned the PAK jersey since the team's inception and we truly are the sum of all parts. Those who carried the torch forward and helped plant the WOLFPAK flag on the highest Ball Hockey mountainpeakare as followed: Arlindo Aragao (Team Captain), Shane Malhotra (Alternate Captain), Matt 'GWG' Rudnicki (Alternate Captain), Danny Medeiros (G), Aaron Campisano (G), Troy Zebedee (G),  Jose Aviles, Mauro Mignosa, Sam Amodeo, Rick Lee, Sandro Mignosa, Jeff Couroux, Jason Prevost, Chicky Mentis, Terry Roache, Allan Yariwon, Rick Roy, Brian Lucas, Jay Toth, Ricardo Piscitelli, Tony Talveski, Chris Chapman, Mike Baliban, Jeff Wilson, Jerry Cowan, Alex Bovoletis (Coach) and Rolland Heider ( Trainer)."

Congratulations Aaron Campisano & Jeff Couroux on winning World Championship Gold

Aaron Campisano & Jeff Couroux have achieved a world class accomplishment at the recent ISBHF World Masters Championship in Banff.  Aaron backstopping Canada’s Wolfpak to a gold medal and winning the Best Goaltender award for the tournament.  Jeff (Barrie) and Aaron (Niagara) are the first players to bring home a world indoor championship gold medal.

Please join us in congratulating Aaron & Jeff on their great accomplishment as they have blazed a path winning Provincial, National and World Outdoor Championships in 2015 and following that up with this great showing in 2016.  Aaron & Jeff will also be representing Ontario on the C4 team at the CBHA Nationals in B.C. in August.

Brian Broley was quick to add "Aaron has become one of the most talented and respected goaltenders in the game on a world class stage and we would like to invite all of his Niagara friends to join us in celebrating with him.  He is a gentleman and a great friend to many in Niagara."

Aaron's championship medal will be on display at The Bar Upstairs.

Hardest Shot contest at PlayOn! London - come out and win great prizes!


If you are in London, Ontario this weekend for the PlayOn! Tournament then come by the ballhockey.com hardest shot contest for a chance to win great ballhockey.com prizes! In addition the grand prize will be an Toronto Sports prize pack including 2 tickets to a Jays game, 2 admissions to the Hockey Hall of Fame, dinner for 2 at Real Sports and a 1 night hotel stay in Downtown Toronto.


We're giving away ballhockey.com prizes all weekend long and every shooter is entered to win the grand prize. If you aren't making it out to London you have one more chance to enter at PlayOn! Toronto on June 10th. We will be drawing the prize on June 11th at the conclusion of the event.

Come on out to see just how hard your clapper is!

Hockey Night in Canada’s Play On is proud to announce its latest partnership with Ballhockey.com!

Scott Hill, Founder and National Program Director of Play On! is happy to team up with Ballhockey.com and help to grow and promote the sport of ball hockey, as well as promote the numerous events that Play On! Host’s across Canada through a significant contributor like Ballhockey.com who has a vast participant base throughout Ontario.  "In my experience, BallHockey.com offers outstanding facilities with highly professional and reputable year round ball hockey leagues that provide great opportunities for players to play long after the Play On! event has completed.  We are thrilled to partner with BallHockey.com and look forward to seeing them at our London and Toronto events this season.”

Together, Ballhockey.com and Play On! provide hockey lovers across Ontario and Canada respectively the chance to play the game in it’s truest form by providing an awesome and inexpensive experience for all who wish to participate. Ball hockey provides a chance for people who may not be able to skate or simply aren’t willing to pay the ever rising price of ice a chance to play the game that so many Canadian’s grew up playing on their local streets and have had an endless love for their whole lives.

Ballhockey.com President and CEO Brian Broley indicated "It has been a pleasure to watch Scott Hill and his excellent operations team build the Hockey Night in Canada Play On! event into the premiere 4 on 4 programming in Canada over the past decade.  Hockey Night in Canada’s Play On! is an amazing grass root initiative for the sport and introduces the game to so many Canadian's.  If you have not been out to one of their events, get involved in 2016 and be part of an event with 500+ teams playing the game we all love.  It is an experience you will enjoy".

About Ballhockey.com

Ballhockey.com is the largest provider of year round organized ball hockey in the Province of Ontario and also operates Provincial & International tournaments in the 5 on 5 format both indoor and outdoor annually.  The Ballhockey.com website is the most active source of news on what is happening in our sport and the Ballhockey.com family is a rapidly expanding organization focussed on growing the sport in a positive, exciting and affordable way.

About Play On!

Hockey Night in Canada’s Play On! is the largest sports festival in Canada.  Celebrating its 13th Anniversary in 2016 it has set a new Guinness Record for the World’s Largest Street Hockey Tournament. The program features recreational and competitive street hockey divisions for boys, girls, men and women of all ages and skill levels. Each tournament also includes a corporate division. These wholesome, festive, street hockey events celebrate the imagination and innocence of youth, making kids feel like NHL pros and helping adults feel like kids again. Anyone can play!  For more information, to register a team, volunteer, or become an official visit www.playon.ca.

ISBHF Masters World Indoor Championship schedule released

Saturday evening the ISBHG put out the new schedule for the 2016 ISBHF Masters World Championships in Banff, Canada, from June 1 to June 5, 2016.

The ISBHF BOD has worked very hard to create a schedule for our ISBHF family in Banff. Upon closer review and reflection by our ISBHF BOD. The Board has voted to change the playoff games to a later start times on Saturday for our Men's division so that our veteran players can enjoy festivities and camaraderie on Friday evening and wake at more civil time in the morning allowing them to rest. This goes with our mandate of this being a celebration event for our ISBHF Vets. And allows them the chance to enjoy this wonderful event to the fullest.

Check out the complete schedule below!

New England Ball Hockey helps Short Stix Youth Ball Hockey

New England Ball Hockey and BAUER recently donated ball hockey equipment, training aids, and BAUER banners to Short Stix Youth Hockey League in Lafayette Hill, PA.  After talking to Julie Plotkin, who runs the league, NEBH was happy to help the league and grow their youth program.  Anthony Cornacchia had this to say of the program.


New England Ball Hockey usually spends a lot of time telling other people stories of how they are “Growing the Game” but in this case we thought it would be beneficial to let Julie tell you her story of why she loves street hockey and why she started her program.

As a kid, I always was the tomboy.  Playing pickup games with all the guys and participating in school sports.  I was first introduced to street hockey when the older kids would play in our cul-de-sac growing up in Lafayette Hill. In the summer I would spend my time at Pine Forest Camp and they had just built a brand new hockey rink and I would play for many summers there.  As an adult, I still loved the game, but didn’t think there was still an interest for me to play anywhere, even just a pick up game. 

When my son started bugging me to play ice hockey, as a single mother I knew it wouldn’t be possible.  The cost for registration, plus the cost of equipment partnered with the time and commitment, it was too much for me to handle. So, I thought the best option would be for him to play street hockey.  He plays at camp, also Pine Forest Camp, every summer and loves to play then, so why not while he is home?  I looked around for youth leagues in the area, but there was nothing local.  I then took it upon myself to consider starting my own league.  I am now the proud owner/founder of Short Stix youth street hockey.

When I created the idea in my head to start a youth street hockey league, I had no idea where to start.  I had volunteered for a youth basketball league for years and I knew how I wanted it to be run , but would it have been successful?  I started with what I did know, which was my social marketing experience and my love and passion for the idea and things just started falling into place.  The number of emails I was receiving from parents, who felt the same way I did about street hockey and something new for their kids was overwhelming.  I had to think of a logo, rules, registration costs, a location, jerseys,  and sooo much more.  What had I gotten myself into?  Come September 2015 at Colwell Park in Conshohocken, I had 4 teams of kids playing in their first ever Short Stix youth street hockey game! 

Within the first season, seeing those kids improve on their game and skills, hearing their excitement and teamwork , and seeing the smiles on their faces was an incredible feeling and honor.  These kids were officially hooked!  They loved coming back every week to play in another game against another team.  

Street hockey isn’t considered a “major” sport around here, it doesn’t get you into college and most people don’t know that you can play professionally, but these kids are learning that there is so much more to the sport.  It’s the skills they learn, the friends they make, and the thought of a sport that they can continue to play for many years to come and that it doesn’t matter how old you are, what size you are, but EVERYONE plays Street Hockey.

When I first started the youth league, I was contacted by a local guy who asked me about starting an adult league.  Without any hesitation, I started the adult league too.  I have players of all ages, sizes and all walks of life.  Some that play professionally and other who just love to play the game.  The youth players see this and they look up to these guys and gals.

My goal is to continue this youth league for many years and spread the word that Street Hockey is making its comeback.  It is clear that from my own personal experience and love for the game, that this is true and I am so glad to be a part of this new era and growth in the sport. 

With the help of NEBH and Bauer, its been much more than the equipment they are donating to my program.  It’s the faith and support towards not only myself, but my league.  This means so much more to me than anything.  Since I am the sole proprietor of this league, I didn’t want this league to “make me money”.  I started this league for my son, Stephen, who loves the game and just wanted to play and for all the other kids out there that just want to learn and play.  I am a non-profit organization and any donations or sponsorship’s that come my way doesn’t help me, it helps my program, which in the end helps the youth and that means the world to me.  I wanted to make sure that I bought the best equipment out there for these kids, for them to learn on, build their skills with, and love the game, but the cost as most of us know is a pretty penny.  NEBH is donating balls for the kids to practice with in warm ups and build on their ball and stick handling skills to better their game.  They are donating nets for the kids to have something to shoot on during practice and games, and they are donating shooter tutors, which will help the kids build their shooting skills to better improve their scoring game and in all their love for the game. 

Lastly, I just want to thank NEBH and Bauer for their support.  Although I know I could continue to grow my program, I couldn’t do it without their help and donations.  Short Stix is taking it to the streets and spreading the love of Street Hockey to EVERYONE that wants to learn and open their mind to something new, but a very exciting, competitive, and fun sport that kids and adults can play for a lifetime.  Thank you!

Via New England Ball Hockey

Watch USA Masters training camp live online or in person this weekend!

This weekend St. Catharines, Ontario will play host to the ASHI USA Masters training camp. This two day intense training camp will be held at the ballhockey.com Haig Bowl Arena on Saturday April 30 & Sunday May 1.

These two teams will be competing at the ISBHF World Masters Championships in Banff, Alberta this June. .

The games will be streamed live online on ballhockey.com & YouTube. WeeStream will be our streaming partner helping to make that happen!

If you are in the Niagara Region this weekend come out to watch the action for free at the ballhockey.com Haig Bowl Arena. Here is the compete schedule of activities.



DC Practice Time (7am – 9am)

USA Practice Time (9am – 11am)

Game 1 – DC VS Canada 1 (11am-12:30)

Game 2 – USA VS Canada 2 (12:30-2pm)

Game 3 – USA VS Canada 1 (3:00pm-4:30pm)

Game 4 – DC VS Canada 2 (4:30pm-6:00pm)

USA/DC Practice Time (6pm – 7pm)



USA Practice Time (9am – 10am)

DC Practice Time (10am – 11am)

Game 5 – USA VS DC (11am-12:30)

Game 6 – Cda 1 VS Cda 2 (12:30-2pm)


For Information about ASHI, contact Jamie Cooke atjcooke@ashihockey.org
For Information on Ballhockey.com – contact Brian Broley –brianb@ballhockey.com


ASHI USA Men’s Masters Teams Make Final Preparations for camp in Niagara

The ASHI Masters USA Men’s national teams, USA and DC respectfully, will attend their final camp from April 29th – May 1st in Niagara Falls, ON, Canada. The camp will take place at the Haig Bowl Arena hosted by Ballhockey.com, and will be streamed live for your viewing pleasure. The camp format will have drill time and a round robin game format against two national power Canadian masters teams. In addition, USA and DC will sqare off against each other in their final scrimmage before the International Street Hockey Federations Masters World Championships to be held June 1-5th in Banff, Alberta, Canada. The teams make their final push to prepare for a Gold Medal in the lion’s den per say. When General Manager Jamie Cooke was asked why he is taking the teams North for final preparations his answer was, “One of the many things I took away from Tamp in 2014 was that no one was better conditioned and also, we had the skill to match the Canadians and Europeans.  However we were not prepared for the different zones and traps they run. To go North gives us an opportunity to see these types of strategies in a game situation before we get to Worlds”.

Along with the final camp there have been some personnel changes. Dracut, MA native Lee Nogler is moving from Team USA to Team DC to fill an assistant captain’s position to help lead DC to Gold. Lee was a dominant force in 2014 and although was selected to play for Team USA in 2016, he agreed to the move for the good of the program as there have been a few departures on the DC team for personal reasons and injuries.  As any GM will tell you, every team loses a few guys before the tournament and additions and adjustments are part of planning and strategy.  Additionally, the DC team has added some terrific players:

Defensemen Dave Reaser, 2014 Team DC Member

Forward Brian Pollinger, 2014 Team DC Member

Forward Angelo Terrana, 2014 Team DC Member

Forward Joe Marcotte, Hudson, NH


Team DC Assistant Coach Scotty Payne has taken on the additional role as the 3rd goaltender and will backup starters Brian Sullivan & Bill Jacques.

Going in the other direction, Goaltender Mike Walker has been moved from Team DC to Team USA to join Mike Zambon & Al Pater as the teams’ goaltenders after Tony Carideo suffered an unfortunate injury that will keep him out of the tournament.

Team DC Assistant Coach Chris Bokuniewicz had this to say about the changes “Injuries and personal life matters are things that any team will have to deal with at any level.  You can’t let it be a distraction and certainly this team hasn’t let it distract them.  All the new additions have had a chance to practice and play with the team and they immediately made a positive impact.  The team is very excited to get to Niagra and put the final touches on our preparations for Banff.  Both Team USA and Team DC are loaded with talented players who know what it takes to win.  The Niagra camp will be a great experience for us to play together and continue bonding as a team.  We have high expectations for Banff and I am certain that the players will be as ready as possible to put together a winning effort.”

The 2016 ISBHF Masters World Ball Hockey Championships takes place in Banff, Alberta June 1-6, 2016

Story by: Chris Bokuniewicz via ASHI Hockey

Photos from Day 3 of the 2016 North American Ball Hockey Championship

For those of you who have been waiting, our apologies. Below you can find over 1,200 photos from Day 3 of the North American Ball Hockey Championship in Philly earlier this month!

If you played on Day 3, you should be in here! Galleries are in order of the day.

Share your favourite captures of yourself in action on instagram with the hashtag #ballhockeycom for your chance to win a great prize pack!

New ball hockey camp based out of Withrow Park announced

The Withrow Ball Hockey Academy is a brand new ball hockey camp that will run from the first week of July through to the end of August. The camp will be located in the heart of Toronto’s Riverdale neighbourhood in the beautiful Withrow Park, home of the storied Withrow Park Ball Hockey League. The founder of the camp is none other than Withrow’s own Collin Wong, who has more than a decade of ball hockey experience at the provincial, national, and world level.

The camp is open for registration to children aged 6-14, with an early bird discount for those who sign up before May 1st. It will focus on individual skill development, with a strong emphasis on teamwork and sportsmanship. The camp is the first of its kind in downtown Toronto, and everyone involved is excited at the chance to grow the sport of ball hockey in the Withrow community.

The head instructors are Collin Wong, Stephen Alvo, Mac Savage and Derrick Wong. These young men have learned a great deal from the sport of ball hockey, and are now in a position to pass their knowledge along to the next generation of players. The camp is also proud to have Withrow’s own Brandon Barber (known by many as Pavel Barber) as a special guest instructor. Brandon brings with him a unique passion for the game, as well as a wealth of experience teaching youth at established programs such as the Gretzky Hockey School.

The main goal of this program is to grow the game through Toronto’s youth, and to maintain the standard of excellence that Withrow Park has established over its 40 years of ball hockey tradition. The instructors could not be more pleased to have the opportunity to give back to the Withrow community via the Withrow Ball Hockey Academy. Online registration is now open through their website; www.withrowacademy.com

Hamilton End2End announces 1st Annual Spring Shoot Out in May

The new team running the Hamilton End2End Outdoor Ball Hockey Club have announced their 1st official tournament to kick off the spring season! Their End2End Spring Shoot Out will be taking place on May 26-29. The event is limited to 16 teams so get registered soon by reaching out to dom@ballhockey.com.

ballhockey.com Top 25 Ball Hockey Teams in North America updated for April

Jason Kelly and JJ Deviney of Cool Hockey Events have organized and run another amazing event in Philadelphia this year, with the Men’s A Pool very deep this year with all of the top USA teams ( Boston Saints, Pittsburgh Gods, Leominster Americans, Penn Hills Arsenal, Buffalo Fusion, South Jersey Supreme, Leominster Rams, and Phoenixville Graffix) facing off against some solid Canadian Teams ( Niagara War Pigs, Ottawa GodFathers, Barrie Flyers, Toronto Rage).

The top teams in North America are starting to crowd towards the top of the ballhockey.com Top 25 list, and some changes to the rankings are well deserved.  While the Montreal Red Lite will remain in their number one seeded spot due to 11 Canadian Championships, the other teams moving to the top are earning their stripes and could overtake the Red Lite with continued success.  The Niagara War Pigs have won the North American Championships this weekend and are a coin flip with the Niagara Rebels for the 2 and 3 spots in the rankings.  We believe the Boston Saints have earned their move into the number 4 spot.  These 3 teams have pushed the Pittsburgh Gods down to number 5.

Leominster Americans, Penn Hills Arsenal and Ottawa Godfathers were looking pretty solid this weekend once again and the Buffalo Fusion, Barrie Flyers, South Jersey Supreme, Leominster Rams and Graffix all were just a break or a bounce away from being into the finals as well.  The Toronto Rage have moved into the Top 25, and while they dropped into the B Pool for Sunday, they learned the hard lessons on needing a full bench to compete at an event of this stature.  They earned their place on the list with speed and skill that is evident in their roster.

Great weekend for the sport and amazing talent and skill on display.  Time to roll into Summer.

Download the list here.

Registration is on now for 2016 Summer Camps in Niagara

The Niagara Ball Hockey Club & Growing Up Through Sports announced their 2016 Summer Camps that will be taking place in July and August at the ballhockey.com Athletic Centre. Registration is on now with online registration going live on Monday April 18.

The camp will let boys & girls ages 5 to 12 participate in a variety of fun sports with their time split between skill development and active games!

100% of the proceeds raised from this camp will be donated back to Growing Up Through Sports to help economically and disadvantaged children play the sport of hockey!

The camps fill up fast so make sure you get your child signed up today!

Photos from Day 2 of the 2016 North American Ball Hockey Championships

Over 400 photos from the Saturday games of the 2016 North American Ball Hockey Championships have been posted in the gallery below! Feel free to share them with your friends and family on any social platform you have!

Also remember you can follow us on the following platforms.

Niagara War Pigs win the Men's A division at the North American Ball Hockey Championships

Last Sunday the Niagara War Pigs won the Men's A division for the second time at Cool Hockey Events North American Ball Hockey Championships. The final match up saw them defeat the Boston Saints in a defensive battle 1-0. The lone goal was scored by Pigs defensemen Mike Neilson who blasted a shot from behind centre right through the Saints goalies equipment.

This tournament has set the tone for the year and we will be excited to watch as these teams come back to face each other again soon. There should be some exciting changes to the ballhockey.com Top 25 Ball Hockey Teams in North America with the conclusion of this event. Stay tuned for that to be posted next week!

Congratulations on winning the championships! We look forward to seeing you at the World Outdoor Ball Hockey Championships this September in Barrie!

Check out photos from the event by clicking the links below.


April 1 - Day 1

April 2 - Day 2 - Part 1

April 2 - Day 2 - Part 2

April 3 - Day 3 (coming soon)



Mid-Atlantic Happy Endings win the Ladies' A division at the North American Ball Hockey Championships

Sunday night saw the 2016 Cool Hockey Events North American Ball Hockey Championships come to a close. After 3 hard fought days it was the Mid-Atlantic Happy Endings who won the coveted Womens' A division! These girls fought hard all weekend. Many had played on a second team in the B division and when they came together it was like magic every time they touched the ball. 

The team featured a number of stand out players who were being scouted for the US National Womens' team. From what we at ballhockey.com could see they are going to be a force to be reckoned with! 

Congratulations to the winning team! We look forward to seeing you at the World Outdoor Ball Hockey Championships in September in Barrie!

Check out photos from the event by clicking the links below.


April 1 - Day 1

April 2 - Day 2 - Part 1

April 2 - Day 2 - Part 2

April 3 - Day 3 (coming soon)

Barrie Donaleigh's win Ladies' B division at North American Ball Hockey Championships

north american champions (3 of 4).jpg

When the final buzzer sounded on Sunday night at Cool Hockey Events North American Ball Hockey Championship it was the Barrie Donaleigh's who were celebrating a victory in the Women's B division. The ladies fought a tough battle and came out on top of the 12 team division.

Check out photos of all the action by clicking the links below!


April 1 - Day 1

April 2 - Day 2 - Part 1

April 2 - Day 2 - Part 2

April 3 - Day 3 (coming soon)

Jersey Fresh win Men's B division at North American Ball Hockey Championships

Sunday night saw the 2016 Cool Hockey Events North American Ball Hockey Championships come to a close. After 3 hard fought days it was Jersey Fresh who won the Men's B division!

Congratulations to everyone who played.

Check out photos from the event by clicking the links below!

April 1 - Day 1

April 2 - Day 2 - Part 1

April 2 - Day 2 - Part 2

April 3 - Day 3 (coming soon)

Brock Badgers win Ontario University Ball Hockey League Championship

Yesterday the Brock Badgers defeated the Carleton Ravens concluding the 1st exciting season of the Ontario University Ball Hockey League. 

The Brock Badgers had the home floor advantage and they came out pressing hard from the first face off. They came into the game with a 15 game win streak and undefeated in their home arena. 

When the final buzzer sounded the Badgers had tallied 6 goals to the Ravens 1.

The team was coached to the championship by Rene Vandenboom, a long time and committed supporter of the game of ball hockey!

The winning team is Anthony Loveless, Adam White, Jarrod Maidens, Shane Johns, Eric Warner, Alex Graham, Jordan Arsenault, Luke Annis, Kevin Lavallee, Brian Gilbert, Brad Hawes, Steve Doll, David Carr, Chris Farrell, Gianluca Pallotta, Peter Accardo, Michael Romaniw, Paul Knight, Denver Geelen, Adam Morrow, Matt Sutherland, Patrick Martin, Jake Riddle (G) and Keaton Treathaway (G) and Rene Vandenboom (coach).