October / November ballhockey.com Top 25 Ball Hockey Teams In North America now available

The Montreal Red Lite All Star team continued to dominate at the Canadian National level, winning their 12th National title and securing their spot at the top of the list.  We have left the Midnight Express in the two spot ahead of the Niagara War Pigs, but these two organizations are neck and neck in Ontario, with Midnight winning the Summer Tier 1 League very decisively, but The War Pigs taking both the North American and WOBHC Championships in 2016.  The War Pigs struggled at the Nationals this year, but remain a top indoor and outdoor team in Canada.

The Niagara Rebels have won big cash at the Bauer Clash of the Titans in 2013 and 2015 and remain a solid Ontario team in the 4th spot in the list and 15 teams will get a shot to knock them down at this year’s Bauer Clash of the Titans.

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