Top 25 Ball Hockey Teams in North America updated for August / September

The July update reflects some changes as a result of Summer league activity in Canada and Spring events.  The next few months will be an exciting opportunity for teams to be recognized as the best of the best in the North American game.

The Niagara Monarchs who stunned everyone with their run into the final four and the cash prizes at last November’s Bauer Clash of The Titans have been dropped out of the list as they are no longer playing as a team, but they showed us all how team chemistry can take you to the top.  Aaron Campisano back stopped that team and recently was a key part of the Wolfpak winning Gold at the ISBHF event in Banff.  Aaron will be participating in the Nationals in Richmond BC with the Masters Barrie C4 team and the Men’s War Pigs from Niagara.

In Ontario, we have adjusted the ratings to reflect the regular season performance of the Brampton Express (11-3-0) and Richmond Hill Falcons (11-3-0).  Niagara War Pigs remain near the top as they are the defending North American Champions and will represent Ontario at the Nationals along with the North York Hitmen and Toronto Orangemen, who struggled in Tier 1 this Summer.  The Kanata Kings are coming onto our radar with a 16-3 summer season in Ottawa and we hope to see them in more major events in the sport to build on their reputation outside of Ottawa.

Out West, The Vancouver Falcons (13-0-1) and the Edmonton Savages (19-2-3)  have had great Summers and will also be in the select group in Richmond BC in August challenging for the Canadian Championships. We have added the Calgary Phantoms (16-3-2) into the list as they will also be at the Nationals and have a long history of success. The Vancouver Bruins have also made the list, finishing 10-3-1 on the season, knocking off the Falcons for the league Championship and making their way to Richmond for the Canadian Nationals.

In the U.S., The Boston Saints, Leominster Americans, Pittsburgh Gods, Buffalo Fusion and South Jersey Supreme remain at the top of the sport, although recent rumors have the Gods making some changes for the future.  The U.S. Nationals this Fall will be exciting Championships for the U.S. Teams.

The Bauer Clash of the Titans will once again bring 16 of the best teams together for a chance to win cash.  The Pittsburgh Gods (2014 Champion) have confirmed their participation in the 2016 Bauer Clash of the Titans, as have the Brampton Express (2014 & 2015 Finalists), Niagara War Pigs and Niagara Rebels (2013 & 2015 Champions).  We expect to cap at 16 teams this year, which will mean $ 16,000 in cash prizes to the four semi-finalists.

The Canadian Nationals in August, World Outdoor Ball Hockey Championships in September, Bauer Clash of the Titans cash event in November and a number of U.S. National events this Fall will have us making adjustments monthly through the end of the year.