ASHI Hockey Masters General Manager Jamie Cooke Resigns

A famous early 20th century American author once said… “On the journey of life, it really comes down to a handful of people you meet who you impact your life that you truly admire and remember the rest of your life.”  When it comes to people who have had an impact on many people’s lives in the sport of ball hockey, few can compare to Masters Division General Manager Jamie Cooke.

“With great appreciation for all he has done for the sport, the community, the national programs, and for ASHI, we have accepted Jamie’s letter of resignation.  Jamie has indicated that it is time for him to move on and do other things with his life, and we fully respect Jamie’s decision.  We certainly don’t want to see him go, but Jamie can step away knowing that he left the Masters program and ASHI in a much better place than he found it.  And for that, along with a host of other things he’s accomplished which are too numerous to mention, I’ve accepted Jamie’s decision.  We are going to miss his dedication, passion and energy that he always brought to the table.”said ASHI Executive Director Ricky Laperriere.

ASHI Vice President Mike DeFazio added – “Jamie is the definition of an ambassador of the game, both in the United States and on the International level. Players around the country have the utmost respect for Jamie, and he is the leader and the voice of the generation that helped make this game great. It will be impossible to replace Jamie and his leadership within the organization, but we very much appreciate everything he has done with this sport.”

Jamie had this to say – ” I am moving on for new life experiences with my four kids and love of my life Claudia, I don’t move on from the sport as I plan to enjoy it as a player as long as my body allows. I move on as being a formal leader in the sport which takes dedication and time which I don’t and will not have. I simply don’t do things unless I am 100% committed.

I move on knowing the leadership vacuum will be filled with great people who share my love for our sport. I feel good about that. I leave self fulfilled as I know the sport is in a better place now then when I came to be a contributing leader.”

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