Bauer Ontario Youth Championships taking place this weekend!


The Niagara Ball Hockey Club is proud to play host this weekend as we celebrate our 10th Anniversary in Niagara and welcome teams from across Ontario and the U.S.A. Ball hockey is a sport that is loved by many and being able to odder the Bauer Ontario Youth Championships is a great honour for our club. We want to wish all players a great experience this coming weekend.

We would like to welcome all of the families and spectators to the event this weekend. We have plenty of areas to take in the games, including our on site restaurant. Our pro shop offers plenty of options including water, Powerade, Vitamin Water, pop, as well as Freezies for sale to help keep everyone cool. 


Participating Teams

Barrie Dry Ice Danglers
E2E Brampton Bolts
Niagara Saints
Niagara Storm
Barrie Jr. Flyers
Niagara Dusty Flambos
E2E Hamilton Energy
GT Panthers
Niagara Chargers
Welland Rebels
Barrie Vipers
E2E Brampton Bolts
E2E Hamilton Energy GT Panthers
Welland Rebels
Barrie Huskies
Cherry Pickin Rebels
E2E Brampton Bolts
Niagara Aces
Niagara Titans
Welland Knights

The full schedule for the event can be found on our Event Page by clicking the button below. Here you will find game results, standings, and an up to date schedule for each division. All tournament information will be continually updated at the end of each game. Those in attendance will also be able to view the schedule, results, and standings at the Clubhouse as they will be on display throughout the weekend. Our Pro Shop also has a full line of Bauer equipment for sale should a player require new gear. 


On behalf of all of the staff at the Athletic Centre and the Niagara Ball Hockey Club, Welcome to the 2017 Bauer Ontario Youth Championship!