Top 25 Teams - August 2017

Well, the game is changing and as such, I have made some adjustments to the North American Top 25 list. The most major change is the shift of the Montreal Red Lite out of the top spot for the first time. They did not participate in the 2017 Canadian Championships and have not been seen in any other major events over the past few years. Their storied history over 25 years at the Canadian National level has been the benchmark for the sport and they will remain “The team to beat” until such time as they are not competing.

I believe the teams ranked ahead of them are currently earning that position with victories over the past 12 months.

I believe the Pittsburgh Gods have had a serious resurgence and won the 2017 North American Championships to earn the # 1 spot in our Summer release. They will be in Barrie in September for the Bauer WOBHC & in St. Catharines in December for the Clash of the Titans. I would expect you could count on them to compete in Harrisburg in January 2018 and defend their North American title in Philadelphia in March 2018. With one of the best coaches in the game leading them, this franchise has been a significant contributor to the sport at International levels downward for a number of years.

The Edmonton Savages have been climbing the ladder with trips to the Canadian National’s over a number of years. As the 2017 Champion this past weekend, they have earned a higher ranking and have been moved into the # 2 spot as a result. A major leap for a major win, but I believe earned.

Midnight Express had their first trip to the Nationals this year, but did not fare as they had hoped. They remain one of the top franchises in Ontario though with a strong Summer in Tier 1 and continued strong performances in the Bauer Clash of the Titans (Defending Champions) and at the Bauer World Outdoor Ball Hockey Championships (the only 5 time winner). They will be in both events this year.

The Metro Orangemen have won the Ontario Tier 1 Summer 2017 title. Some new player pick-ups may see the Orangemen continue to grow their long term reputation within the sport. They are a 3 time winner of the Bauer WOBHC and a finalist from the 2016 Bauer Clash of the Titans.

The Boston Saints continue to win a lot south of the border (defending 2 time Bye Week Champions) and are confirmed for their first trip to the Bauer Clash of the Titans in December 2017. Recently they went 17-0 against other top US Teams.

Upcoming Opportunities to Compete:
September 22-24 – Bauer World Outdoor Championships, Barrie ON
December 1-3 – Bauer Clash of the Titans, Niagara, ON
January 26-28 – Bye Week Championships, Harrisburg, PA, USA
March 2018 – Cool Hockey Events 2018 North American Championships, Philadelphia, PA, USA

Let me know if I am missing your team or an event that should be sanctioned by as qualifying to be included in our assessment of the top teams in North America. This one should create some chatter I’m sure ……… Cheers.

Bauer World Outdoor Championships –
Barrie Sept 22-24, 2017 / Niagara Oct 13-15, 2017
Bauer Clash of the Titans – Niagara Dec 01-03, 2017

Brian Broley
President & CEO
BHC Sports Properties
Ball Hockey Ontario &