World Outdoor Ball Hockey Championships - Men's D/Over 35 & Co-Ed Comp/Open Info


The World Outdoor Ball Hockey Championships for the Men’s D/Over 35 and Co-Ed Comp./Open divisions are taking place in St.Catharines, ON this weekend. Over 30 teams and 350 players are competing to win the coveted titles at both St.Catharines Locations.

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Here is some other important information regarding this weekend.


Just a reminder that we will be using the BAC location ( 2 rinks) and the Covered Rink at our Canal location. Athletic Center ( 16 Melbourne Avenue St.Catharines) and the Covered Rink at our Canal location ( 1944 Welland Canals Parkway St.Catharines – beside the museum) Our second location is a 5 min drive from the main BAC location.

Waivers and ID

All players must sign a waiver for each team they play on this weekend. There will be waivers at both the BAC and Canal locations. Players will not be added to the rostered game sheet until the waiver has been completed. Please ensure that all players come with their ID. Again this is an 18+ event for all divisions. There are no under age players permitted in any division. Those playing in Over 35 must be born in 1983 or earlier.


Please note that the parking lots are an alcohol free zone. Drinking is permitted in the licenced areas of the bar and champions lounge at the BAC. No outside alcohol is allowed on the property. Teams caught abusing this will be removed from the event.

Zero Tolerance

There is zero tolerance for abuse of officials, time keepers or staff. Those who chose to act in a disrespectful fashion will be asked to leave and not return for the duration of the weekend. Please also be respectful by not parking on the grass areas at the front of the property. Parking enforcement will most likely be around on the weekend and will ticket cars parked  in no parking zones etc.


The balance of any teams not paid in full is due before your team plays their first game. Please make sure this is taken care of as soon as you arrive for your first game. We will be accepting payments from team reps only, those with cash are asked to pay their reps directly. We do not have an ATM on site. We will accept debit and credit card payments.

 5-Point System

This event follows the 5 point system ( 1 pt for winning the period, 0.5 pts if the period is tied, 2 points for winning the game) Elimination games for the playoff rounds will be Quarter Finals, 5 min OT then shoot out, Semi -Finals are 10 min OT then shoot out and Finals are continuous OT.


Any player who receives a suspension will have the notice of their suspension following game and conference with the officials. Teams reps will be notified.