A Note to our 2019 Clash of The Titans teams...

Good Evening 2019 Bauer Clash of the Titans Teams!

Below you will find important information pertaining to the event this year. Please review it carefully as there is information about your require deposit included.

Should you have any questions after you read through please let me know. We are really looking forward to a great event this year and happy to have you all part of it.

2019 Bauer Clash of the Titans – Update & Information

Welcome to the Bauer Clash of the Titans presented by Ballhockey.com!

We are thrilled to welcome some new and returning teams to the event this year. At ballhockey.com we believe that Growing the Game happens at all levels of the sport and the highly talented field we have participating this year is no exception.

We expect 14 high quality teams currently indicating participation.

The field this year will be first class and we would like to have the confirmations so we can begin promoting the event with the release of who is attending.

To add that to the event, we require confirmation of a commitment to participate, which comes in the form of a $300 deposit that can be paid via e-transfer to brianb@ballhockey.com or contact Sara, sarak@ballhockey.com for other payment options.

While many of you have a trust relationship with us and have historically paid at the event, we would appreciate you all stepping up by the October 23 deadline so we can know we have a solid commitment.

Once all deposits are in and teams are firm, we will quickly move to creating the schedule and getting the event ready to go. Teams will not go on the schedule without a deposit being paid.

We look forward to a fantastic year for the Bauer Clash of the Titan’s !!!

Notes for the 2019 Bauer Clash of The Titans:

We will be running the Sunday games at Haig Bowl this year again.

All teams will be scheduled for Friday, so please plan to arrive in time.

We will Live stream the Sunday games as we have in the past.

The Prize Pool will be changing to provide us with some financial support for running the event. $250 of the payment will go to support the cost of Officials, Live Streaming, Electronic Payment fee’s, etc. We still support the event financially, but having run six events and given out $76,000 we are in need of some help on the cost side.

That will leave $750 per team in the prize pool, which as in the past will be split 60/20/10/10 between the Final 4 teams standing.


We will be restructuring our restriction system such that those playing in the Clash will become restricted A players if finishing Top 12, and Restricted B players if finishing below the top 12

That will become the new restriction system for PVR, Gateway and WOBHC events in 2020.

We will be moving from jackets to a cash prize of $ 3,000 for the winner of the WOBHC Men’s “A” event in Barrie on September 25-27, 2020. We would prefer to see the top players supporting that event rather than stacking up in the B event.

As this event has grown over the years it is our goal is to improve the experience for the players and the spectators. This means providing a quality field of officials for the event, as well as offering live-streaming, quality food services at both facilities and wonderful hospitality for all.