It's Almost Time! Important 2019 WOBHC Barrie Info for Reps and Players

Important Info Regarding WOBHC Barrie

Reminders for Reps/Players:

* All players must sign in with their ID before they play their first game, this is how a player gets added to a game sheet. Once they have signed they don't have to resign again during the event.For players playing Mens A and Mens B you must sign for each team that you are playing on. Please come at least a half hour before your first game as there will be a line up.

* All outstanding fees are due before you play your first game! Payment can be made inside the building where you sign your waiver.

* Game sheets are brought out to the rinks before the game starts, reps are responsible for adding the player numbers of their team. Any player whose name is not on the game sheet will be required to come back inside show ID and sign the waiver.

* Teams are asked to all wear the same jersey color and all players must have a number on the back. To be safe your best bet is to bring two sets of shirts a light and a dark if possible to avoid a color issue. The AWAY team on the game sheet is who is always required to change shirts if there is a color issue.

* Rules as well as the points tracking and standings along with the event schedule can be found on the website. It will also be posted inside the main building.

* As has been communicated many times this is an 18+ event under age players are not permitted.

* The Full list of rated player restrictions is also posted on the website. If you have an illegal player the player will not be permitted to play any further games and you will not be eligible to replace that spot on your roster for the rest of the event.

* Inside the building there are washrooms as well as a pro shop area and drink machines, there is also a tap for filling water bottles as needed.

*Alcohol is not permitted on site,if you are caught you risk removal from the event

* Please help keep the property and neighboring properties clean, use the garbage's provided.

* There is zero tolerance for abuse of staff or officials of any kind. Yelling, swearing, verbal or physical abuse of any kind can result in a players removal from the event and the property.

We are all looking forward to another year of WOBHC Ball Hockey and are thrilled to have you all part of that.

Good luck to all teams, see you on Friday!