USA Masters

St. Catharines Hosts U.S.A. Masters Training Camp is once again pleased that ASHI has selected us to host the USA Masters National Team for an intense two day training camp to be held in St. Catharines at the Haig Bowl Arena on April 30\May 1, 2016. The 2 USA National teams will compete in Banff, Alberta in June 2016 at the ISBHF World Masters Championships and will spend this weekend preparing.

Jamie Cook, ASHI General Manager- Masters Division indicated “The USA National Men’s team was up in Niagara last year for a camp like this and our Men’s team was up 3-1 in the Finals before dropping a heartbreaking game in OT to the Czech Winners last year in ZUG Switzerland”. “The Niagara community was awesome in supporting us and the facilities in St. Catharines were great. We expect to get the same value this year before heading out to Banff with some competitive help from 2 good Canadian teams.”

Weekend Schedule


DC Practice Time (7am – 9am)

USA Practice Time (9am – 11am)

Game 1 – DC VS Canada 1 (11am-12:30)

Game 2 – USA VS Canada 2 (12:30-2pm)

Game 3 – USA VS Canada 1 (3:00pm-4:30pm)

Game 4 – DC VS Canada 2 (4:30pm-6:00pm)

USA/DC Practice Time (6pm – 7pm)


USA Practice Time (9am – 10am)

DC Practice Time (10am – 11am)

Game 5 – USA VS DC (11am-12:30)

Game 6 – Cda 1 VS Cda 2 (12:30-2pm)


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