Orillia Ball Hockey League

The Orillia Ball Hockey League offers Men, Women & Children of all ages an opportunity to turn back the clock and enjoy the great game of outdoor ball hockey. Age specific and skill defined divisions allow club members to participate in the level of play that best suits their experience and age. Each season is 3 months in length starting in March, June, September, and December. All teams are guaranteed 14 games, played at our local facilities.

League Information


Andrew Stewart - Manager
Phone - (705) 326-6599
Email - andrews@ballhockey.com
Address -  995 Memorial Ave

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Adult Men, women & co-ed division's

Choose from Recreational or Competitive Divisions.  
Spring – March through May.
Summer – June through August.
Fall – September through November.
Winter – December through February.

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Youth Divisions 

The Orillia Ball Hockey League's Youth programming offers children aged 4 to 17 an opportunity to enjoy an exciting and affordable hockey experience in a safe friendly environment. Teams are put together with an objective to balance the skill level of the teams as much as is possible.

Schedules / Standings / Statistics

Summer 2018

Youth 6-9 Year Olds       Schedule/Standings    
Youth 10-13 Year Olds   
Youth 14-17 Year Olds   Schedule/Standings      
Women's C                      Schedule/Standings    
Men's C                          
Men's Rec                       


                                                                               Fall 2018

                                                                             Intro 3+   -   Schedule/Standings

                                                                          Youth 6-9   -   Schedule/Standings

                                                                      Youth 10-13   -   Schedule/Standings

                                                                       Youth 14-17   -   Schedule/Standings


                                                                          Women's B   -   Schedule/Standings

                                                                           Women's C   -   Schedule/Standings

                                                                                 Men's C   -   Schedule/Standings

                                                                             Men's Rec   -   Schedule/Standings

                                                                                     Co-ed   -   Schedule/Standings

                                 Lakehead U Intramural   -   Schedule