Our May 2019 update on the top teams in North America includes some movement in advance of the Club Championships running May 17-19 in Pittsburgh, PA.   An event that has the Montreal Red Lite playing their first 5 on 5 event in a few years and a number of teams from the Top 25 there to challenge them.  Don’t miss Friday night at 9pm as the tournament opens with a Gods/Red Lite game, first ever!!

Pittsburgh Gods, Leominster Americans and Ottawa Godfathers are impressing early this year with The Pittsburgh Gods continuing to dominate with Bye Week and North American Championships.  The Ottawa Godfathers impressed in Philadelphia taking the Gods into O.T. in the final.  The Americans were once again winning the US National Championships and continue to raise their profile.

Midnight Express remain the 3 time Champions of the Bauer Clash of the Titans …….. $ 14,000 in cash on the line last year as they defeated the Niagara War Pigs in an exciting final.  Where will you be in November 2019? Get registered early as we will max out this event at 16 teams and $ 16,000 in prize money. and Bauer’s investment in the Sport.

We still need to see more teams taking on the challenge at the major events around North America to get some exposure and raise their profile.

As always, input is appreciated, so contact me with your opinion if I have missed your up and coming team.

Brian Broley
President & CEO
BHC Sports Properties
Ball Hockey Ontario &

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