Less opportunities to pick top teams with All Star teams becoming the norm at major events, but here goes. Back to back National Canadian Champions (2017,2018) gives the 1st spot to the Edmonton Savages. The Niagara War Pigs winning the North American Championships in 2018 get’s them into the top five. Midnight won the 2017 Bauer Clash of the Titans and took home the $ 8,400 in cash awarded to the winner. Out of respect, we have left the Montreal Red Lite in 4th, but they need to play in some 5 on 5 events to get our attention. The Barrie Flyers are the 2017 defending Champions of the Bauer World Outdoor Championships and have joined the top 10 in this edition.

As we head into the Fall and then 2019, We have the normal major events to monitor and will have a new event in 2019 being planned in May 2019 in Pittsburgh. Let me know if your team is winning events that should qualify you for consideration on this list.

Brian Broley President & CEO
BHC Sports Properties
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