2019 rings in a New Year and the Ball Hockey World continues to grow.  Should be an exiting year for us all.

The Top 25 represents our view of the top teams in the game since we originated this list a few years back.  With back to back Canadian National Championships, I can only say the Edmonton Savages deserve to start the year in the first position.  We are challenging them to take in this years Bauer Clash of the Titans in November to see if they can win the cash presented there.  Midnight Express have been moved into the 2nd spot as they won their third straight Bauer Clash of the Titans (2018,2017,2016).  The Pittsburgh Gods remain one of the top USA teams in the game winning back to back Bye Week Championships (2018, 2017) this weekend.   We will keep the Montreal Red Lite listed in fourth as their reputation can’t place them any lower.  We just need them to get out into the 5 on 5 game to remind us all why Quebec Ball Hockey is an important part of the game.

Penn Hills continues to move up the rankings with their Fall 2018 World Outdoor Championship and if we can see the Niagara War Pigs win on the National stage, they will challenge those above them in the future.

The London Gulls, Stoney Creek Savages and Ottawa Godfathers remain young and upcoming groups and I’m sure I am missing a couple of other upcoming teams in the list.  Let me know if you feel your organization or team should be represented on the list due to victories in major events in North America.

Next update will be in the Spring after the North American Championships in Philadelphia.

Brian Broley
President & CEO
BHC Sports Properties
Ball Hockey Ontario &


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