Registration for all youth leagues is on now until Sunday September 2nd. 

Office Hours:

Wednesday - Thursday: 4:30pm to 10:30pm

Saturdays: 9am to 1pm

Sundays: 4pm to 10pm

Youth League Program ( Ages 6 through 17)

Our house league level of play encourages players to make new friends in a positive environment. Divisions are based on the number of children that register and may vary by season. When registering children they are entered by their year of birth and when teams are made we group 3 to 4 birth years together to form our divisions. Players are allowed 1 player request and both players MUST request each other to play on the same team. Coach requests are NOT accepted, any requests past the registration deadline will not be accepted.

Fall Divisions

Little Buddies – Ages 3 to 5 – Saturday Mornings

Novice Division – Birth Years (2012,2011,2010,2009) – Tuesday Evenings, Saturday Late Morning

Peewee Division – Birth Years (2008,2007,2006,2005) -Wednesday Evenings, Saturday Late Morning

Midget Division – Birth Years (2004,2003,2002,2001,2000) -Thursday Evenings, Saturday Late Morning

Player Fees (including Little Buddies):  ONLY $100.00 TOTAL

Interested in Volunteering? – We are always looking for new coaches to help us ensure our kids are getting the best experience. If you are interested in coaching your child’s team pleas let us know. No coaching experience necessary, Only a POSITIVE ATTITUDE.

Equipment for ALL Youth Players: Players and Goalies are required to have a CSA approved helmet, gloves, shin pads and a s stick that does not have a wooden base. ABS/Composite sticks are preferred and wooden -based sticks with plastic runners are also acceptable. Jock/Jill straps are optional but high recommended.


Any Questions or Concerns Please Contact:

Cheryl Bunz, Assistant Manager Welland, 905-734-1040

Sara St. Jean, Regional Manager,, 905-380-1250

You can also register online here