Youth Leagues

For those under 18, facilities offer programs for youth aged 4 to 17.  Activity is offered in both a house league format and we continue to build “team entry” elite leagues for the more competitive players to enjoy the sport.

In our Tiny Tots programming, we offer 4 & 5 year olds a 10 week program that focuses on introducing them to the game and developing their skills.  In our Niagara club, we encourage the Parent’s to join us on the rink and get involved with their child and we have experienced a very positive response from the participants that are shy or unsure of trying a sport.  And the Parents have had a blast as well !!

For youth aged 6 through 17, our house league programs allow children to play in a co-ed league with similar aged youth.  The education of our coaches is ongoing and we encourage Parents to step up and be a part of their child’s development by volunteering to guide a group of young players through a season.

For higher skill level players, we offer elite leagues that allow a group of friends or players to create their own team and play together. This league is perfect for ice hockey teams to keep together in the off season.  A volunteer adult coach is required to be in charge of these teams.

The regular season consists of 12 games and it is our policy that all teams make the playoffs and will play a minimum of 2 playoff games. So you are guaranteed 14 games!

Practices are a function of the coach’s availability as well as available time at the facility.

Three reasons to play ball hockey:

1) Healthy, Active Lifestyle

Our youth today are trapped in a world staring at a screen.  All ball hockey is fun, but outdoor ball hockey get’s our youth playing outdoors in all conditions and that is a positive part of building healthy young people in our community.

2) Affordable & Time Effective

Not only is this an affordable hockey experience, our costs compare favourably with many other sports available in our communities.  Equipment costs are reasonable and the time investment of families enjoying this sport is effective.

3) It’s our game !!

Hockey is Canada’s Sport, and Ball Hockey is the Grassroots of the Game.  Everyone can play and you don’t need to know how to skate to participate.  Fun for the whole Family.