A Note to our 2019 Clash of The Titans teams...

Good Evening 2019 Bauer Clash of the Titans Teams!

Below you will find important information pertaining to the event this year. Please review it carefully as there is information about your require deposit included.

Should you have any questions after you read through please let me know. We are really looking forward to a great event this year and happy to have you all part of it.

2019 Bauer Clash of the Titans – Update & Information

Welcome to the Bauer Clash of the Titans presented by Ballhockey.com!

We are thrilled to welcome some new and returning teams to the event this year. At ballhockey.com we believe that Growing the Game happens at all levels of the sport and the highly talented field we have participating this year is no exception.

We expect 14 high quality teams currently indicating participation.

The field this year will be first class and we would like to have the confirmations so we can begin promoting the event with the release of who is attending.

To add that to the event, we require confirmation of a commitment to participate, which comes in the form of a $300 deposit that can be paid via e-transfer to brianb@ballhockey.com or contact Sara, sarak@ballhockey.com for other payment options.

While many of you have a trust relationship with us and have historically paid at the event, we would appreciate you all stepping up by the October 23 deadline so we can know we have a solid commitment.

Once all deposits are in and teams are firm, we will quickly move to creating the schedule and getting the event ready to go. Teams will not go on the schedule without a deposit being paid.

We look forward to a fantastic year for the Bauer Clash of the Titan’s !!!

Notes for the 2019 Bauer Clash of The Titans:

We will be running the Sunday games at Haig Bowl this year again.

All teams will be scheduled for Friday, so please plan to arrive in time.

We will Live stream the Sunday games as we have in the past.

The Prize Pool will be changing to provide us with some financial support for running the event. $250 of the payment will go to support the cost of Officials, Live Streaming, Electronic Payment fee’s, etc. We still support the event financially, but having run six events and given out $76,000 we are in need of some help on the cost side.

That will leave $750 per team in the prize pool, which as in the past will be split 60/20/10/10 between the Final 4 teams standing.


We will be restructuring our restriction system such that those playing in the Clash will become restricted A players if finishing Top 12, and Restricted B players if finishing below the top 12

That will become the new restriction system for PVR, Gateway and WOBHC events in 2020.

We will be moving from jackets to a cash prize of $ 3,000 for the winner of the WOBHC Men’s “A” event in Barrie on September 25-27, 2020. We would prefer to see the top players supporting that event rather than stacking up in the B event.

As this event has grown over the years it is our goal is to improve the experience for the players and the spectators. This means providing a quality field of officials for the event, as well as offering live-streaming, quality food services at both facilities and wonderful hospitality for all.


WOBHC Niagara Schedules Released & Important Player Info

The schedules for the second installment of the WOBHC Championships have been released. This installment of the event will take place in St. Catharines and will feature the Men’s Over 35, Men’s D, Co-ed Open, and Co-ed Competitive divisions.

Information for players:

  1. Games are played at two locations: BAC Indoor Rink & Outdoor Rink are located at 16 Melbourne Avenue, St. Catharines. The Canal Covered Rink is located at 1944 Welland Canals Parkway. The two rinks are approximately 7 minutes apart.

  2. All players must sign the waiver and show ID prior to playing their first game. This is available at both of the above locations. All players must be 18 or older to participate.

  3. All outstanding fees are due before teams play their first game. Payments can be made at both locations.

  4. Players playing in multiple divisions are advised that games will not be changed, delayed, or moved locations to accommodate players. We have done our best to accommodate those who specified the conflicts prior to the schedule release, but it was not possible to completely avoid all conflicts. Should a scheduling conflict arise. players will have to make their own choice for which team they play for.

  5. Teams have been asked to submit their roster for review for Men’s D and Coed Competitive to be double checked to fit within the restrictions. Some teams have not submitted. Teams with any illegal players will see them removed from the event, and the roster space will not be eligible to be taken by another player. All players must play in a round robin game to be eligible to play in the playoff rounds.

  6. We have a bar and restaurant on site. Outside alcohol is not permitted and you will be removed from the site if caught doing so. Please help keep the properties clean by using the garbage cans available.

  7. Parking can be limited, so when possible please car pool to the rink. If you park on side streets in non-designated areas, you will likely receive a ticket. Parking enforcement has been known to enforce the area during busy weekends.

  8. Please make sure all players on your team have a jersey with a number on the back. Teams should also bring both a light and dark set should a color conflict arise. The Away team changes shirts.

  9. The tournament standings for round robin is run based on the 5 point system - 2 points for winning the game and 1 point for winning each period. Points are split if there is a tie. Playoff games are solely a win/loss decision, but seeding is based on points in the round robin.

  10. There is zero tolerance for any abuse of any officials or staff. Players or spectators will be asked to leave if they cannot behave in a respectful fashion.

Schedules can be found, by visiting the WOBHC Tournament page here http://www.ballhockey.com/wobhc

Hope Everyone enjoys the weekend

WOBHC 2019 Niagara is Almost Here! DEPOSITS ARE DUE TODAY!

Ballhockey.com would like to thank everyone who participated in this year’s WOBHC Barrie event over the past weekend. It was a great weekend once again!

Congratulations to our winners:

Men’s A: Niagara War Pigs

Men’s B: Barrie Titans

Men’s C: Barrie Flyers

Women's A: Ontario Panthers

As we close the page on the Barrie event, we now look forward to the Niagara event which is taking place October 18th - 20th.

Team Reps, your $200 deposit is due September 30th, 2019. If there are any questions regarding the tournament, please email Sara at sarak@ballhockey.com.

Roster Restrictions/Restricted player list is available online under the World Outdoor Ball Hockey Championships page.

It's Almost Time! Important 2019 WOBHC Barrie Info for Reps and Players

Important Info Regarding WOBHC Barrie

Reminders for Reps/Players:

* All players must sign in with their ID before they play their first game, this is how a player gets added to a game sheet. Once they have signed they don't have to resign again during the event.For players playing Mens A and Mens B you must sign for each team that you are playing on. Please come at least a half hour before your first game as there will be a line up.

* All outstanding fees are due before you play your first game! Payment can be made inside the building where you sign your waiver.

* Game sheets are brought out to the rinks before the game starts, reps are responsible for adding the player numbers of their team. Any player whose name is not on the game sheet will be required to come back inside show ID and sign the waiver.

* Teams are asked to all wear the same jersey color and all players must have a number on the back. To be safe your best bet is to bring two sets of shirts a light and a dark if possible to avoid a color issue. The AWAY team on the game sheet is who is always required to change shirts if there is a color issue.

* Rules as well as the points tracking and standings along with the event schedule can be found on the ballhockey.com website. It will also be posted inside the main building.

* As has been communicated many times this is an 18+ event under age players are not permitted.

* The Full list of rated player restrictions is also posted on the ballhockey.com website. If you have an illegal player the player will not be permitted to play any further games and you will not be eligible to replace that spot on your roster for the rest of the event.

* Inside the building there are washrooms as well as a pro shop area and drink machines, there is also a tap for filling water bottles as needed.

*Alcohol is not permitted on site,if you are caught you risk removal from the event

* Please help keep the property and neighboring properties clean, use the garbage's provided.

* There is zero tolerance for abuse of staff or officials of any kind. Yelling, swearing, verbal or physical abuse of any kind can result in a players removal from the event and the property.

We are all looking forward to another year of WOBHC Ball Hockey and are thrilled to have you all part of that.

Good luck to all teams, see you on Friday!


2019 WOBHC Niagara Event Registration is now open! EVENT INFO!

2019 World Outdoor Ball Hockey Championships Niagara Event (Oct 18-20) Registration is now open!

As we continue to collect the deposits for the Barrie event happening in less than 4 weeks, we open up the registration for the Niagara event, which is happening from October 18-20.

This event contains the Men’s D, CoEd, and Over 35 divisions of the WOBHC. Taking place at the Ballhockey.com Athletic Centre located in St. Catharines. This facility has it all, an outdoor rink, an indoor rink, and a Bar Upstairs! Truly is a ballhockey player’s dream spot. The second location is minutes away located at 1944 Welland Canals Parkway featuring a covered rink.

Between your games, or after your games enjoy what Niagara has to offer. Explore the wineries located all around the region, check out the Wayne Gretzky Estates located in Niagara-on-the-Lake! Or spice things up and visit the Fallsview Casino located in Niagara Falls. Billy Rae Cyrus is in town Saturday October 19th at the Fallsview Casino. Niagara has a lot to offer to really make your weekend a great one, or take it easy and relax at the Bar Upstairs and have yourself a cold one, and a BAC Classic Burger!

For more information about the event click HERE

To register your team or if you have any questions, feel free to email Sara at sarak@ballhockey.com

2019 WOBHC Barrie Event is now SOLD OUT!

The 2019 WOBHC Barrie Event is now 100% sold out!

Teams are asked to have their $200 team deposit in by August 31st. Teams that fail to have their deposit in by the 31st of August will not be saved their spot.

The Barrie event may be sold out, but any Men’s D, CoEd, or Over 35 teams interested in our 2019 WOBHC Niagara Event in October can still reserve their spots now by emailing Sara at sarak@ballhockey.com.

2019 World Outdoor Ball Hockey Championships Registration is NOW OPEN!

2019 World Outdoor Ball Hockey Championships Registration is NOW OPEN, spaces are going fast.

For tournament info/hotel accommodations click here.

Email sarak@ballhockey.com to register your team.

Men’s A and B/C & Women’s A/B
This event will be hosted by the Barrie Ball Hockey Club on September 20-22, 2019 in Barrie, Ontario, Canada.

Men’s Over 35, Co-ed Open & Comp. & Men's D
The Over 35, Coed & Men's D portion of the Championship will be hosted by the Niagara Ball Hockey Club on October 18-20, 2018 in St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada.

Gateway 2019 Review Hamilton domination


This past weekend, the Niagara Ball Hockey Club hosted its 7th installment of the Gateway to the Worlds event. Teams winning this event earn themselves a paid entry into the 2019 World Outdoor Ball Hockey Championships in Barrie, ON this September. This year was by far the largest in terms of the number of teams, featuring a total of 32 teams split evenly between two divisions; Men’s B/C & Men’s D. For the most part, the weather cooperated with us all weekend, with very little rain and some scorching temperatures, rewarding teams who brought a deep bench. In a changing of the guard, which usually features strong performances from teams out of the Niagara region, or Barrie area, this tournament was dominated by Hamilton. Both finals features all teams from Hamilton, in the Outlaws, Haze, Hellfish and Vikings.

Starting with the Men’s B/C Division, we saw a familiar group of teams competing that are regulars in Ballhockey.com events. That list includes the Outlaws, Ducks, Haze & Lightning out of Hamilton; the Maple Kings & Blue Line Bandits out of Barrie; local teams Marvel, Bricksquad, Thunder & Hitmen, as well as the London Turtles & Orillia Rage. Newcomers to the event include a young Niagara North team (Quarter-Final exit), who if they can keep the team core in tact look likely to compete for a long time; the Hollywood Express (Quarter-Final exit); Orange Crush; and the South Side Bears.

Chrissy Morrison, the sultan, scores a shootout winner for Hollywood Express over Barrie Blue Line Bandits early Sunday.

Championship Sunday proved that any of the advancing teams had a legitimate shot at winning, with not a single game having a goal spread of more than two goals. Hollywood Express, Hamilton Ducks, Niagara Bricksquad & Niagara Falls Thunder took early morning wins against Blue Line Bandits, Orange Crush, Niagara Hitmen & Barrie Maplekings respectfully. The quarter-finals truly showed just how much the heat played a role, and how important earning that first-round bye with a top 4 round robin finish really was, with 3/4 teams with byes advancing in Haze, Marvel, Outlaws, with the lone outlier being Bricksquad with a 2-1 victory over Niagara North. Hamilton Haze went on to beat Bricksquad 4-2 in the first semi, and the Outlaws escaped with an overtime victory over Marvel setting up an all-Hamilton final between the top seeded Haze & the third seeded Outlaws. Congratulations to the Outlaws who pulled off a 3-1 victory to earn their spot in the WOBHC Championships with a paid entry. The Haze also earned a spot with a 1/2 paid entry for their incredible tournament run, falling just short in the final.

Hamilton Outlaws, Men’s B/C Champions, Gateway to the World Outdoor Ball Hockey Champions

Hamilton Outlaws, Men’s B/C Champions, Gateway to the World Outdoor Ball Hockey Champions

The Men’s D division is a relatively new concept to the Ballhockey.com events, with this Gateway Tournament having been the third offering of this division. Keeping pace with the Hamilton teams in the Men’s B/C division, the four Hamilton teams in Men’s D did not disappoint, with the Hellfish, Steel City Vikings, Knights, and Hawks all advancing to Sunday. Rounding out the field of teams for Sunday were the Ninja Turtles & Bucks, both of London, the Oshawa Northstars, Pickering Fresh Meat, and a handful of local teams in the Silverbacks, Flying Raccoons, Lions & Welland Rebels. The elimination games Sunday morning had no surprises with the only upset being that of the 9th seed North Stars taking out the 8th seed Welland Rebels. 5th seed Hamilton Knights defeated the 12th seed Hamilton Hawks 5-0; Niagara Flying Raccoon beat Pickering Fresh Meat 1-0; and the London Bucks edged the Niagara Lions 2-1 all to advance to the quarter-finals.

The quarter-finals matchups saw the well rested Hellfish, who hadn’t played since Saturday at 2pm, take out the Oshawa North Stars 4-2. Steel City Vikings, another well-rested team not playing since 6pm the night before defeated the London Bucks 3-0. The Flying Raccoons upset the Silverbacks in a Niagara matchup 5-2. Rounding out the quarter-finals, the Hamilton Knights, who were the early tournament favourites beat the London Ninja Turtles 8-4. Much like the Men’s B/C division, this left the field dominated by Hamilton teams with 3/4 remaining teams being from that area.

Both semi-final games were incredibly close coming right down to the wire. The Steel City Vikings were able to edge out the Hamilton Knights 2-1. In the other semi, the Hamilton Hellfish scored with just over 1 second left in the game to edge the Flying Raccoons 4-3. The Hellfish would go on the beat the Vikings in the final with a score of 3-1 earning themselves a paid entry to the largest event hosted by Ballhockey.com, the World Outdoor Ball Hockey Championships. Not leaving empty handed, the Steel City Vikings leave the tournament with their heads high and a 1/2 entry to the WOBHC event. This team has entered 2/3 Men’s D events with Ballhockey.com, both ended in 2nd place - perhaps the WOBHC Men’s D will be theirs for the taking.

Hamilton Hellfish, Men’s D Division Champions, Gateway to the World Outdoor Ball Hockey Championships

Hamilton Hellfish, Men’s D Division Champions, Gateway to the World Outdoor Ball Hockey Championships

Thank you to all participating players, coaches, teams & spectators for a great event. We look forward to seeing you in Barrie for the first installment of the World Outdoor Ball Hockey Championships.

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Ballhockey.com North America Top 25 - Updated 02/2019


We have recently updated the Ballhockey.com North America Top 25 Team list. Be sure to check it out by clicking on the link below and let us know what you think!

Think your team should be on it? Let us know if your team is winning events that should qualify you for consideration on this list. by contacting:

Brian Broley
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