WOBHC Niagara Schedules Released & Important Player Info

The schedules for the second installment of the WOBHC Championships have been released. This installment of the event will take place in St. Catharines and will feature the Men’s Over 35, Men’s D, Co-ed Open, and Co-ed Competitive divisions.

Information for players:

  1. Games are played at two locations: BAC Indoor Rink & Outdoor Rink are located at 16 Melbourne Avenue, St. Catharines. The Canal Covered Rink is located at 1944 Welland Canals Parkway. The two rinks are approximately 7 minutes apart.

  2. All players must sign the waiver and show ID prior to playing their first game. This is available at both of the above locations. All players must be 18 or older to participate.

  3. All outstanding fees are due before teams play their first game. Payments can be made at both locations.

  4. Players playing in multiple divisions are advised that games will not be changed, delayed, or moved locations to accommodate players. We have done our best to accommodate those who specified the conflicts prior to the schedule release, but it was not possible to completely avoid all conflicts. Should a scheduling conflict arise. players will have to make their own choice for which team they play for.

  5. Teams have been asked to submit their roster for review for Men’s D and Coed Competitive to be double checked to fit within the restrictions. Some teams have not submitted. Teams with any illegal players will see them removed from the event, and the roster space will not be eligible to be taken by another player. All players must play in a round robin game to be eligible to play in the playoff rounds.

  6. We have a bar and restaurant on site. Outside alcohol is not permitted and you will be removed from the site if caught doing so. Please help keep the properties clean by using the garbage cans available.

  7. Parking can be limited, so when possible please car pool to the rink. If you park on side streets in non-designated areas, you will likely receive a ticket. Parking enforcement has been known to enforce the area during busy weekends.

  8. Please make sure all players on your team have a jersey with a number on the back. Teams should also bring both a light and dark set should a color conflict arise. The Away team changes shirts.

  9. The tournament standings for round robin is run based on the 5 point system - 2 points for winning the game and 1 point for winning each period. Points are split if there is a tie. Playoff games are solely a win/loss decision, but seeding is based on points in the round robin.

  10. There is zero tolerance for any abuse of any officials or staff. Players or spectators will be asked to leave if they cannot behave in a respectful fashion.

Schedules can be found, by visiting the WOBHC Tournament page here http://www.ballhockey.com/wobhc

Hope Everyone enjoys the weekend