Brock Badgers win Ontario University Ball Hockey League Championship

Yesterday the Brock Badgers defeated the Carleton Ravens concluding the 1st exciting season of the Ontario University Ball Hockey League. 

The Brock Badgers had the home floor advantage and they came out pressing hard from the first face off. They came into the game with a 15 game win streak and undefeated in their home arena. 

When the final buzzer sounded the Badgers had tallied 6 goals to the Ravens 1.

The team was coached to the championship by Rene Vandenboom, a long time and committed supporter of the game of ball hockey!

The winning team is Anthony Loveless, Adam White, Jarrod Maidens, Shane Johns, Eric Warner, Alex Graham, Jordan Arsenault, Luke Annis, Kevin Lavallee, Brian Gilbert, Brad Hawes, Steve Doll, David Carr, Chris Farrell, Gianluca Pallotta, Peter Accardo, Michael Romaniw, Paul Knight, Denver Geelen, Adam Morrow, Matt Sutherland, Patrick Martin, Jake Riddle (G) and Keaton Treathaway (G) and Rene Vandenboom (coach).