Our History

The game that was born in the streets and driveways did not need a home, but it found one at the Barrie Ball Hockey Club. In 1994 entrepreneur Brian Broley launched the vision of the club with inspiration from the Niagara region success in St. Catharines and Welland. With a focus on providing all members of the family with an opportunity to participate, The club has grown steadily, and in 2010 had 294 teams playing on 4 rinks in our Spring season.  We continue to average over 8,500 people a week through the club.

Pioneering new opportunities to improve accessibility, the Barrie BHC launched a Co-Ed Division with a unique rule program that grew to over 50 teams in the Spring season competitive and recreational divisions in 2010. People with Unique Characteristics (PUC) is another first where people with cognitive and physical disabilities have a league of their own where the love of the game has no boundaries and goals are reached (and scored).

The Barrie Club was expanded with a second rink in 1999 and added a third and fourth rink to maximize the space at that location in 2003.

Ballhockey.com was formed in 1995 as a communication portal for the sport.

Ballhockey.com was expanded in 2006 to expand the success in Barrie into additional markets and with Tom and Andrea Roberts, the Hamilton, Niagara and Brampton Ball Hockey Clubs became new members of the Ballhockey.com family in 2007 and 2008.  New clubs have since joined our affiliated partnership program in Elora, Orillia, Kingston, Guelph and elsewhere.  

In 2012, the old St. Catharines Tennis and Squash Club became a 32,000 SF multi-sport Ballhockey.com Athletic Centre that has become an active centre of activity in the Niagara region for a number of sports, including the Niagara Ball Hockey Club.

In 2014, The Ballhockey.com Haig Bowl arena became a second dry surface facility operated by Ballhockey.com in a lease partnership with the City of St. Catharines.  Both facilities in St. Catharines are active multi-sport community centre’s operating seven days a week for various sport user groups in the community.

We will be growing into the GTA in 2016 and beyond in 2017.

Ballhockey.com has grown into a provider of International, National and Provincial levels of events and will celebrate 20 years of providing the Ballhockey.com World Outdoor Championships in 2016.  The Bauer Clash of the Titans is an annual year end event that brings together the best players in the sport, and the 2016 International Heritage Cup will be another major opportunity for the best players to compete at a high level.