Our Vision

This is a game that was born on the streets and in driveways. It is owned by the players whose blood, sweat & tears are left on the floor when the horn sounds at the end of every game. It's about a community that expands across borders and brings people of all walks of life together to play a sport. A sport that anybody can play.

ballhockey.com's mission is to promote the sport of ball hockey and bring together players to participate whether recreationally or competitively. We believe this sport should be affordable & accessible to everyone. We want to give our players the best leagues to play in, tournaments to compete in and the most enjoyable ball hockey experience possible.

In the past 21 years we have built our own clubs, helped other entrepreneurs open leagues across North America and built a family of players that exemplify sportsmanship and athleticism. 

10 years ago we could never imagine events happening like there are today. Events like the ISBHF event in Switzerland which showcased the sport to the world. Events like the Bauer Clash of the Titans which brings together the best players in the world under one roof. The top players in this sport demonstrate a level that can only be described as professional.

Our leagues and tournaments also showcase women's, co-ed and children's players of all ages and the exceptional level of talent they have. These leagues feature multiple tiers of skill level so everyone can find a level of play they are comfortable with. We strive to provide everyone a place to play. 

It is the players who help make everything happen. 

If you want to get involved in the sport we would love to hear from you.

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A Story to begin …….. A number of years ago, we had a new team entry in our Ladies C Division in Barrie and the Women who came out to play appeared to be limited in their skill, but excited to be playing the game ……… They were having an amazing time.  I noticed they had a large young cheering section and went over to watch the game.  Turned out the cheering section was a Triple “A” Hockey team from the Barrie Minor system & these were their Mom’s.  The tables were turned and the kids were having a great time cheering on their Mothers ……. And the Mom’s, nothing but smiles as they enjoyed being the one’s on the rink ……. This is a Great Game & everyone can play it ………

Story Two …… Greg Gates was an amazing Man, who volunteered as a coach and was a regular official for many years.  His son Gary grew up at the Barrie Club & Greg loved the game.  He approached me many years ago, shook my hand and thanked me for having built the Barrie Ball Hockey Club.  I was surprised and shocked and asked him why ……. His response will be with me forever.  He said he was thankful because he had such a wonderful experience as Gary played as a child, became a time keeper and worked with his Dad, then a young official who was able to work as well with his Dad and finally watching Gary become a solid player and a great young Man.  Greg was appreciative that he had developed a solid friendship with his son through his teen years and credited the time they spent together at the club as a reason for that ……… Greg has passed, but he is not forgotten.  This is a Great Game & everyone can play it!