Bauer Ontario Youth Championships Recap & Photos

The Niagara Ball Hockey Club welcomed teams from across Ontario as well as a couple of teams from south of the border in New Jersey this past weekend as some of the top youth players competed for their chance to be crowned an Ontario Youth Champion. There were 21 teams competing across four divisions based on age groups, with no two age categories being won by the same city or township. 

Thank you to all players, coaches, parents & spectators for a great weekend all around. We hope to see all teams return next year, and welcome new teams to make next year's event even better.

Event Photos:

This weekend's winners are listed below:

Trophy pic.jpg



Coaches: Brian Heus, Wade Stafford, Derek Crowthers    

Team Roster: Arthur Belanger, Cole Crowthers, Campbell Harmsworth, Ashton Heus, Landon Heus, Jayden Kewell, Kaleb Kewell, Garrett Liddiard, Jhovanny Orellana, Seth Ranieri, Levi Roest, Travis Savoie, Carter Secord, Logan Stafford, Dyson Vandelaar, & Kadeam Williams.

The Niagara Storm defeated Barrie Dry Ice Danglers 7-4 in a back & forth championship game, ending with two empty-net goals. The two teams had battled to a 3-3 draw earlier in the round robin.


Coaches: John Gallen, Chris Convery

Team Roster: Brandon Clark, Dylan Convery, Ryan Convery, Brady Dunn, Matthew Egan, Michael Ermel, William Gallen, Aidan Higgins, Liam Higgins, Tristan Hoffstrom, Ryan McCormick, Zack McErlain, Carson O'Connell, Michael Stettler, Sean Tolentino.

The GT Panthers capped their undefeated weekend with Brady Dunn scoring a hat-trick in the first period en route to a 10-2 win in the championship game over the local Dusty Flambos. 





Coaches: Ted Wilson, Dion Sheppard, Chris Lewis

Team Roster: Ben Battaglia, Avery Bernardi, Matt Burnett, Jamieson Craig, Hunter Godmere, Daniel Greeley, Alex Henry, Brett Hodgson, Nolan Hodgson, Brendan Kennedy, Adam Lewis, Chase Marklinger, Jeremy Saint, Logan Sheppard, Adam Soos, Kip Wilson.

The Barrie Vipers & GT Panthers met for the second time this weekend in the Championship game. The round robin game was a physical battle. In the final, Barrie jumped to a 2-0 lead, before the GT Panthers made it 2-1 at the start of the 3rd period. Barrie added 3 more, winning the Championship with a 5-1 victory.

Coaches: Chad Mack, Dean Strong, Michael Villella, Michael Prytula

Team Roster: Noah Belanger, Noah Caperchione, Josh Croteau, Anthony Dagostino, Chris Dinnocenzo, Sam Leclair, Daniel Legault, David Legault, Nolan Lynds, Dylan Main, Dallas McKee, Ty Stadnyk, Brodie Thomas, Nick Vilella, Hunter Wilson, Orion Woychenko.

The weekend's U18 final came down between the Welland Knights & Niagara Aces, two teams familiar with each other through various tournaments. The game was a penalty filled affair with the Aces getting into some late penalty trouble allowing the Knights to score two powerplay goals to seal the deal.




To see this weekend's full results, please visit our event page.


See everyone at next year's event!

Bauer Ontario Youth Championships taking place this weekend!


The Niagara Ball Hockey Club is proud to play host this weekend as we celebrate our 10th Anniversary in Niagara and welcome teams from across Ontario and the U.S.A. Ball hockey is a sport that is loved by many and being able to odder the Bauer Ontario Youth Championships is a great honour for our club. We want to wish all players a great experience this coming weekend.

We would like to welcome all of the families and spectators to the event this weekend. We have plenty of areas to take in the games, including our on site restaurant. Our pro shop offers plenty of options including water, Powerade, Vitamin Water, pop, as well as Freezies for sale to help keep everyone cool. 


Participating Teams

Barrie Dry Ice Danglers
E2E Brampton Bolts
Niagara Saints
Niagara Storm
Barrie Jr. Flyers
Niagara Dusty Flambos
E2E Hamilton Energy
GT Panthers
Niagara Chargers
Welland Rebels
Barrie Vipers
E2E Brampton Bolts
E2E Hamilton Energy GT Panthers
Welland Rebels
Barrie Huskies
Cherry Pickin Rebels
E2E Brampton Bolts
Niagara Aces
Niagara Titans
Welland Knights

The full schedule for the event can be found on our Event Page by clicking the button below. Here you will find game results, standings, and an up to date schedule for each division. All tournament information will be continually updated at the end of each game. Those in attendance will also be able to view the schedule, results, and standings at the Clubhouse as they will be on display throughout the weekend. Our Pro Shop also has a full line of Bauer equipment for sale should a player require new gear. 


On behalf of all of the staff at the Athletic Centre and the Niagara Ball Hockey Club, Welcome to the 2017 Bauer Ontario Youth Championship!


Youth Competitive All Star Teams Announced

All Star Game Announcement! 

Congratulations to all players from the U14 & U18 Competitive League divisions. The All Star Games will take place Wednesday July 12th, 6:30pm for the U14 division, and 8:00pm for the U18 division. Both games will be held at the Haig Bowl Arena. Come by and check out NBHC's top youth players. The All Star games are being sponsored by Press Time Designs.

The following players have been selected for the 2017 Under 14 All Star Game:


  • #1 - Reid Woodcock (Niagara Rampage)
  • #31 - Leighton Halliday (Niagara Chargers)
  • #9 - Collin Essner (Niagara Chargers)
  • #9 - Nolan Moskal (Niagara Rampage)
  • #9 - Brandon Jones (Marlies)
  • #9 - David Bishop (Marlies)
  • #12 - Rowan Alguire (Marlies)
  • #12 - Brayden Hall (Marlies)
  • #15 - Evan Repar (Niagara Rampage)
  • #20 - Will Jarett (Niagara Chargers)
  • #21 - Parker Hendsbee (Niagara Rampage)
  • #22 - Keegan Fleck (Niagara Chargers)
  • #66 - Konnor Floyd (Niagara Chargers)
  • #77 - Cody Macneil (Marlies)
  • #77 - Ethan Zuk (Niagara Chargers)
  • #96 - Mason Northern (Niagara Rampage)
  • #99 - Dalton Heus (Niagara Rampage)
  • COACH - Sean Essner (Niagara Chargers)
  • COACH - Ryan Cochrane (Marlies)
  • COACH - Rory Bourgeois (Marlies)


  • #29 - Joseph Lanteigne (Warriors)
  • #30 - Kenny O'Brien (Welland Redlight Rebels)
  • #6 - Callum Donn (Warriors)
  • #7 - Ryder Ferguson (Warriors)
  • #7 - Logan Pelfry (Team Hill)
  • #13 - Troy Murray (Team Hill)
  • #13 - Jesse Mcdowell (Warriors)
  • #13 - Nik Canjar (Welland Redlight Rebels)
  • #15 - Carson Shannon (Warriors)
  • #15 - Preston Soloman (Team Hill)
  • #20 - Donovin Ingribelli (Welland Redlight Rebels)
  • #26 - Troy Van Gool (Welland Redlight Rebels)
  • #37 - Mitch McPherson (Welland Redlight Rebels)
  • #43 - Owen Kelley (Team Hill)
  • #66 - Mike Sferezza (Team Hill)
  • #93 - Kolby Sumbler (Welland Redlight Rebels)
  • #99 - Kelan Harrington (Warriors)
  • COACH - Tyler Burtch (Welland Redlight Rebels)
  • COACH - Ryan Burns (Warriors)
  • COACH - Blue Hill (Team Hill)

The following players have been selected for the 2017 Under 18 All Star Game:


  • #29 - Derek Howard (Goons)
  • #31 - Brandon Bruni (Niagara Titans)
  • #00 - Jaleel Adams (Niagara Blades)
  • #2 - Jeffery Unrau (Niagara Titans)
  • #9 - Alex Woolley (Niagara Blades)
  • #10 - Dylan Hunt (Niagara Titans)
  • #11 - Evan Turnbull (Niagara Blades)
  • #12 - Blaire Dionne (Goons)
  • #21 - Eric Lowe (Niagara Blades)
  • #29 - Jack Trussler (Niagara Titans)
  • #39 - Warren Lament (Niagara Blades)
  • #69 - Kyle D'Angela (Goons)
  • #86 - Adam McMaster (Niagara Titans)
  • #88 - Quinn Maude (Goons)
  • #88 - Dylan Difabio (Niagara Blades)
  • #89 - Lucas Wilms (Niagara Titans)
  • COACH - Nick Picard (Niagara Titans)
  • COACH - Terry Lowe (Niagara Blades)


  • #34 - Logan Nagy (Welland Rebels)
  • #40 - Ben McPherson (Rebels)
  • #2 - Logan Parker (Rebels)
  • #8 - Jarrod Fillingham (Goons)
  • #12 - Colby Flett (Welland Rebels)
  • #17 - Joel Coopman (Welland Rebels)
  • #19 - Josh Book (Goons)
  • #21 - Tyler Van Gool (Welland Rebels)
  • #22 - Trevor Haight (Goons)
  • #33 - AJ Choi (Welland Rebels)
  • #44 - Trey Fischer (Welland Rebels)
  • #61 - Devin Ingibelli (Rebels)
  • #69 - Luc Grenier (Rebels)
  • #71 - Eric Joyce (Welland Rebels)
  • #89 - Liam Pouliot (Rebels)
  • #91 - Noah Flett (Rebels)
  • #98 - Ryan Doan (Rebels)
  • COACH - Tyler Burtch (Welland Rebels / Rebels)

1st Annual Niagara Youth Competitive All Star Game - July 12th is pleased to announce that they will be hosting the 1st annual Youth Competitive League All Star Game to be held at the Haig Bowl Arena on July 12th. Each competitive team will have 5 players represent their respective teams as selected by the coaches. The two goalies will be selected based on voting as done by each coach in the league. Keep a close eye on our Facebook page and website as we will be announcing the teams shortly. 

Under 14 All Star Game - Wednesday July 12th 6:30pm

Under 18 All Star Game - Wednesday July 12th 8:00pm.

You can also check out the best youth competitive teams compete in the 2017 Bauer Ontario Youth Provincials brought to you by taking place July 14th-16th at the Athletic Centre.

Spring 2017 Youth House League Season Conclusion & Photos

The 2017 Spring youth house league season concluded this past weekend for all locations with the final youth championships wrapping up in Barrie late Sunday afternoon. Each season youth leagues compete in a weekend playoff tournament to wrap up the season and determine the Champions for each league.

The Barrie Ball Hockey Club saw its sixty-seven house league teams compete across two weekends with the younger age groups Tyke through Peewee competing May 26th-28th, and the older ages competing this past weekend June 2nd-June 4th. Photos of the champions and finalists for each divisions can be seen in the gallery below.

BBHC Spring Youth Championship Photos

The Niagara Ball Hockey Club hosted its twenty-nine youth house league teams the weekend of May 26th-28th, with 7 teams coming away as Champions of their respective divisions. Take a look at the photo gallery below to find your team's pictures.

NBHC Spring Youth Team Photos

The Brampton Ball Hockey Club concluded their season June 2nd-June 4th with eight teams competing across three divisions. All three finals were extremely close games with the Avalanche defeating the Devils 2-1 to win the Youth Major crown; the Barracuda squeaking out a 3-2 victory over the Griffins for the Youth Minor title; and the Steelheads winning a best 2/3 series against the Knights with two 4-3 wins becoming Peewee Champs.


Summer season starts June 17th  Be sure to register your child for another exciting season. provides players more than just ball hockey in Niagara

A lot of people are familiar with and the Niagara Ball Hockey Club or the Barrie Ball Hockey Club but what a lot of people don’t know is that has other sports that fall under its umbrella.

When the Athletic Center came to life Beach Volleyball, Squash and Tennis were added to the sports family. This was the beginning of making the move into the multi-sport world. Not long after the Haig Bowl Arena joined the family along with Lacrosse, Roller Girls, Soccer, Dryland training for hockey, baseball and the rapidly growing Niagara Pickleball Association. has always been about getting people active in sports and now with two multi-sport facilities we are able to open the door for many more people to find a sport that they will love.

But guess what? We are not done there! We also offer birthday parties at our locations for all ages. Looking for a place to do some staff team building? has you covered there with our private rentals of rinks for sport or team building and meeting space in our restaurant, The Bar Upstairs.  Speaking of The Bar Upstairs not only is it a great place to grab some food after the game but it is a great place to host a bridal or baby shower or an adult birthday party, Christmas party or private event. Each Saturday we Welcome the Mighty Duck Blues Band and pack the house! Great food, friends and a lot of fun all under 1 roof!

From tournaments to charity events to leagues and multiple sports has a lot to offer. Why not check us out !

Darryl Furness & GUTS team up to Conquer Cancer

On Saturday April 1st members of the Niagara Ball Hockey Club and the local community came together to raise funds playing in the 3 on 3 Ride to Conquer Cancer Tournament. Long-time Niagara Ball Hockey Club member Darryl Furness will be riding in the 2017 Ride to Conquer Cancer in support of the Princess Margaret Cancer Center. Growing Up Through Sports and Darryl partnered together to put on the tournament and raise funds for two causes that are important to all of us.

There was more $3450 raised to go to the Princess Margaret Cancer Center thanks to the participants in the tournament! In addition to the funds raised at the 3 on 3 tournament 20 campers will be able to come to the Growing Up Through Sports Summer Camps this Summer with their registrations being covered! would like to send out a huge thank you to everyone who came out to support cause and play in the tournament.

We wish Darryl all the best on his ride, congratulations for reaching your goal Darryl!

Bauer & OGUTS team up to grow the game by sponsoring 50% of the registration cost of new youth players in Brampton


BRAMPTON, ON, March 7, 2017– The Brampton Ball Hockey Club is celebrating 10 years providing the community with affordable outdoor ball hockey action at the Powerade Centre.  In celebration we have received the support of Bauer Hockey & OGUTS to offer 240 children the opportunity to experience Canada’s National Sport for only $82.50 (tax included) as a part of the Bauer Grow The Game Initiative and OGUTS mandate to support children participating in sports.

Take advantage of this program by registering online at or visit us in person on Thursday March 9 (5pm to 8:30pm) Saturday March 11 (11am to 3pm) at 7575 Kennedy Road in Brampton (at the Powerade Centre).   Act quick as this program will fill up fast.

The Bauer Grow The Game Initiative is looking to increase hockey participation among those families not currently involved with the sport and to ensure the future of the game by adding 1 million additional players – on top of current participation growth projections – by 2022.


Spring registration is on at all clubs; get all the latest news including new youth divisions and new Scarborough league

If you are looking to get out of the house and enjoy some ball hockey action this spring... the time to register is now! Clubs in Barrie, Brampton, Hamilton, Niagara & Scarborough are gearing up to kick off their spring season. Leagues have various discounts and incentives to register early so make sure you are taking advantage of them!

Both the Barrie Ball Hockey Club & Niagara Ball Hockey Club will be offering youth competitive divisions for Under 18, Under 16, Under 14 & Under 12. For youth competitive teams out of other cities we will be hosting a Youth Provincial Championship July 14-16 in Niagara.

We are starting a new league, the Scarborough Ball Hockey Club that will be playing out of the CanLan Sports Complex. This beautiful single rink facility is looking for men, women & youth to help launch the league. Learn more at

In addition to the various leagues a number of new events have been posted that will be happening this year. You can check them all out by clicking here.

For those of you who are looking for different ways to get involved; we are always looking for timekeepers & referees. Please reach out to a rink manager if you are interested in pursuing part time employment.

Finally, we are preparing the next issue of the Top 25 Ball Hockey Teams in North America. We are looking to start a list for Women's teams as well so please submit your team profile to

Greater Boston Saints win second straight Harrisburg Superbowl Bye Week Invitational

Congratulations to the Greater Boston Saints for earning their second straight Superbowl bye week Invitational title, this years game was won in dramatic overtime battle against the Buffalo Fusion.

In the quarterfinals the Saints pulled away from the up and coming Jersey Fresh, 4-0. The Fresh had made the playoffs in their first trip to Harrisburg which was quite an accomplishment.

In the Semis, The Saints recovered from a 2-0 1st period deficit, and controlled the speedy Penn Hills Arsenal for the remainder of the game for a hard fought 4-2 win.

Then in the Finals the long awaited perennial big rink powerhouse Buffalo Fusion, who pulled away from Phoenixville Graffix in the semis. A back and forth affair fittingly went to overtime, as Fusion's Chris Haynes scored with 17 seconds left in the 3rd to tie it. In overtime the teams traded powerplays and punches. Very late in overtime Tournament MVP Andrew Guduco fed a wide open Jeremiah Lynch in the slot, who put it past Fusion goaltender Brandon Junik. Mr Junik played incredible in the playoff round despite the loss.

Tournament organizer George Tarantino would like to thank all who put the time and effort into coming to compete  and said "it is always flattering that you all choose to come to this tiny little town for some top notch ballhockey!"

The 2017 All Tournament team was as follows:


Daniel Setacci- Pittsburgh Gods
Bobby Housser- Leominster Red Star
Denis Hickey- Jersey Fresh
Scott Veneziale- Jersey Fresh
Tyler Caba- Phoenixville Graffix
Justin Dunnivan- Penn Hills Arsenal
Ryan Crossey- Penn Hills Arsenal
Ricky Mastropietro- Greater Boston Saints
Cody Warila- Greater Boston Saints
Denny Schlegel- Buffalo Fusion
Michael Christopher Haynes- Buffalo Fusion
Andrew Guduco- Greater Boston Saints
Andrew Maas- Fusion Killer Bees


Jason Whitenight- Buffalo Fusion
Taylor Fulmer- Phoenixville Graffix
Mike Williams- Leominster Red Star
Anquan Smith- Penn Hills Arsenal
Jeremiah Lynch- Greater Boston Saints


Brandon Junik- Buffalo Fusion
Bryce Erb- Phoenixville Graffix
Matt Gilchrest- Greater Boston Saints
Andrew Grivnovics- 4 Aces

Tournament Most Valuable Player - Andrew Guduco- Greater Boston Saints
Tournament Most Valuable Defenseman - Jeremiah Lynch- Greater Boston Saints
Tournament Most Valubable Goalie - Brandon Junik- Buffalo Fusion
"Hardest working man in hockey" - Coby Sweat- Buffalo Fusion

Pete Van Ryn Memorial Tournament is Sold Out! Waiting list started.

The PVR Tournament to be held at the Niagara Ball Hockey Club February 17-19 is now full with 30-32 teams registered to play in the Men’s C, D, Over 35 and Co-ed Tournament.  If you are still hoping to get in, get your team on the waiting list quick directly with Sara at  Teams from around Ontario are travelling in with 3 teams attending from Parry Sound.  Should be a blast and a good cause.

Registration opens for's Niagara March Break sports camp

If you are looking for something fun to keep your kids busy during the upcoming March Break (March 13-17, 2017) the Athletic Centre will be hosting their yearly sports camp.

Your child will get the opportunity to play ball hockey, indoor soccer, squash as well as a variety of other active games & outdoor fun.

You can register in person at the club or by contacting Sara at announces 2017 Youth Provincial Championships taking place July 14-16 is exciting to announce the 2017 Youth Provincial Championships. This Championship will take place July 14 to 16 in St. Catharines at the Haig Bowl Arena.

The event will feature four divisions; Under 18 (born 1999 or later), Under 16 (born 2001 or later), Under 14 (born 2003 or later) and Under 12 (born 2005 or later).

Teams participating in Elite Leagues at the Barrie Ball Hockey Club & Niagara Ball Hockey Club this Spring will have an opportunity to earn entry to the tournament by winning their respective club championships. Teams from outside those clubs can enter the tournament by emailing Sara at

The deadline to register for the tournament is July 1. I you have any questions please feel free to call 905-684-7131 or email Sara.

Niagara Ball Hockey Club updates logo to celebrate 10th Anniversary

This Summer will mark 10 years since's Niagara Ball Hockey Club played their first games back in June 2008. A lot has changed since the days under the dome on Eastchester Ave... but to celebrate we have updated our logo... check it out!


We also have a few events planned throughout the year to continue the celebration at the club.

Also a quick reminder that this year will be the 8th anniversary of the Pete Van Ryn Memorial Tournament. Registration is underway for the event that is taking place February 17-19. You can get your team registered today by emailing Sara at