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We have recently updated the North America Top 25 Team list. Be sure to check it out by clicking on the link below and let us know what you think!

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Brian Broley
President & CEO
BHC Sports Properties
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World Outdoor Ball Hockey Championships - Men's D/Over 35 & Co-Ed Comp/Open Info


The World Outdoor Ball Hockey Championships for the Men’s D/Over 35 and Co-Ed Comp./Open divisions are taking place in St.Catharines, ON this weekend. Over 30 teams and 350 players are competing to win the coveted titles at both St.Catharines Locations.

Click here for schedules & standings.

Here is some other important information regarding this weekend.


Just a reminder that we will be using the BAC location ( 2 rinks) and the Covered Rink at our Canal location. Athletic Center ( 16 Melbourne Avenue St.Catharines) and the Covered Rink at our Canal location ( 1944 Welland Canals Parkway St.Catharines – beside the museum) Our second location is a 5 min drive from the main BAC location.

Waivers and ID

All players must sign a waiver for each team they play on this weekend. There will be waivers at both the BAC and Canal locations. Players will not be added to the rostered game sheet until the waiver has been completed. Please ensure that all players come with their ID. Again this is an 18+ event for all divisions. There are no under age players permitted in any division. Those playing in Over 35 must be born in 1983 or earlier.


Please note that the parking lots are an alcohol free zone. Drinking is permitted in the licenced areas of the bar and champions lounge at the BAC. No outside alcohol is allowed on the property. Teams caught abusing this will be removed from the event.

Zero Tolerance

There is zero tolerance for abuse of officials, time keepers or staff. Those who chose to act in a disrespectful fashion will be asked to leave and not return for the duration of the weekend. Please also be respectful by not parking on the grass areas at the front of the property. Parking enforcement will most likely be around on the weekend and will ticket cars parked  in no parking zones etc.


The balance of any teams not paid in full is due before your team plays their first game. Please make sure this is taken care of as soon as you arrive for your first game. We will be accepting payments from team reps only, those with cash are asked to pay their reps directly. We do not have an ATM on site. We will accept debit and credit card payments.

 5-Point System

This event follows the 5 point system ( 1 pt for winning the period, 0.5 pts if the period is tied, 2 points for winning the game) Elimination games for the playoff rounds will be Quarter Finals, 5 min OT then shoot out, Semi -Finals are 10 min OT then shoot out and Finals are continuous OT.


Any player who receives a suspension will have the notice of their suspension following game and conference with the officials. Teams reps will be notified.

2018 World Outdoor Ball Hockey Championhips Barrie - Recap

Back on September 21st to the 23rd, the Barrie Ball Hockey Club was packed with teams and players who had come from all over to play in the Men’s A/B/C and Women’s A/B divisions of the 22nd World Outdoor Ball Hockey Championships presented by Bauer Hockey. The club located in Barrie, ON saw an influx of 57 teams who were looking to take home to coveted championship banners and jackets to their home clubs. With all of the local Barrie teams competing and the many teams coming in from all over Southern Ontario including Niagara, Hamilton, Toronto, Ottawa, London and elsewhere, the teams from Timmins representing Northern Ontario as well as the US teams coming over the border from Pittsburgh and Philly repping the red, white and blue, we knew it was bound to be a battle for everyone participating.

Over the course of Friday and Saturday, teams worked their magic as they tried to qualify for their chance to complete in the elimination round on Sunday.

Men’s A Recap

In the Men’s A division, out of the 5 teams who came to compete, 1 would not get to play in the elimination games. The newcomers, the Stoney Creek Savages made the leap to A to take on the big boys and even though they fought hard all 4 games even squeaking out a tie against the strong Barrie Hitmen, they were unable to secure a win and eventually were the first team to go home. The defending champs and home team favourites, Barrie Flyers went a solid 4-0 in round robin play to show they meant business looking to repeat for the first time ever. Penn Hills Arsenal, whose only loss in round robin were to the Flyers, were looking strong as usual. In the semifinals, the Niagara War Pigs, drew the undefeated Flyers and Arsenal faced off against the Hitmen. The Flyers got off to a hot start and took a quick lead over the War Pigs and then held on to the shutout to win 3-0 and advance to the finals. Arsenal squared up with the Hitmen in one of the hardest fought games of the weekend that saw a large crowd watching the home team hoping to steal one from the US team. In a repeat of the round robin matchup, Arsenal took advantage of a few penalties and sent the Hitmen home, winning the game 4-2. The finals saw the Flyers pumped up for a chance to repeat and Arsenal looking to be the first US team to take home a WOBHC banner since 2012. Arsenal came out guns blazing and jumped out to a quick 3-0 lead early on that forced Barrie to fight from behind for the entire game. Even with two 3rd period goals, the Flyers just couldn’t pull it off and Arsenal was handed the trophy after a 5-3 win.

Congratulations to 2018 Men’s A Champions, Penn Hills Arsenal featuring Francesco Andreoli, Austin Arampato, Mark Bergamasco, Cody Brenner, Ryan Crossey, Tony Gavulic, Denis Hickey, Ryan Mains, Shawn O'Connor, Ryan Pavlik, Joe Sheehan, Anquan Smith, Ryan Stulp, Billy Sullivan, Korey Sweeney, Vinnie Tumminello, Chris Yankoski and Rick Zimmick.


Men’s B/C Recap

With 38 teams entered in the Men’s B/C event, only the top 16 would make it to the B Pool, the next 8 would make it to the C pool and the remaining 14 would go home Saturday.

All teams play 3 round robin games to get seeded for Sunday based on points. With random draws and so many teams in the fray, this is one of the hardest divisions to compete in as teams who look like powerhouses, could end up with a loss and end up competing in the C pool and underdogs could steal points and end up in the B pool competing with the big dogs. That means both division are open for any team to take and we rarely see repeat winners. This year, was no different.

During round robin play, two local Barrie teams slaughtered their competition going a perfect 3-0 with the Wolfpack outscoring their opponents by 21 goals and the Titans following suit and outpacing their opposition by 19 goals while only allowing 1 goal against in 3 games. Another team that looked like a powerhouse were the Southwest Cowboys who were chalked full of WBHF Team Great Britain players and former NHLer, Theo Peckham who was out for a rip with the boys, also went 3-0 and finished second in scoring in round robin play.


Overall, there were 9 undefeated teams after the round robin and to show how important goals are with the 5 point system, not one team in the top 16 who moved onto the B pool, finished with a negative goal differential. The other 13 teams who made the elimination games in B pool were the 2017 Men’s B Finalists - London Gulls, 2016 Men’s C Champions - Barrie Maple Kings, 2015 Men’s C Champions - Toronto HOF, Niagara Bricksquad, Garden City Empire, Niagara Hitmen, Barrie B Flyers, Hamilton Lightning, Barrie B Hitmen, Blue Line Bandits, Niagara Nightmare, Big Bastone and Hamilton Outlaws.

On the C side, we saw some big teams get dropped to the lower bracket. The Niagara Falls Canucks, who had 3 Niagara War Pigs on their team and tonnes of WOBHC experience on their roster went an unexpected 1-1-1 in round robin with a tough draw and finished in the 3rd seed. The Fonthill Vicious Alpacas showed that they came to play being the only team to finish with two wins in the round robin and not make the B pool missing out by way of goal differential. They were the top seed for the C pool which also featured Hamilton Haze, Christie Panthers, 2 and 10 Custom Apparel, Barrie Brawlers, Hamilton Knights and Niagara Chiefs.

There were a few teams who had good showings in the round robin who went home early including Tsunami, who went 1-2 but beat eventual finalists, Big Bastone 3-2 and lost by one goal to both Niagara Bricksquad and Hamilton Lightning, two perennially strong teams who made the B pool. The Toronto Reign, who are a very strong indoor team, also didn’t make it to Sunday after losing all 3 round robin games.

In the Men’s B draw, the first elimination games had many close ones with 2 matches going to a shootout with the 15th seeded Hamilton Outlaws fighting hard but dropping their game to the number 2 seed, Barrie Titans and the 3rd seeded Southwest Cowboys falling 3-2 to the 14th seed, Big Bastone in the biggest upset of the round. The only other upset was the 9th place Barrie B Flyers beating out 8th seed Niagara Hitmen. Barrie Wolfpack continued their dominance winning 5-3 over the Toronto HOF and setting up a quarterfinal matchup against the lowest seeded Big Bastone who won in convincing fashion 8-1 to head to the semifinals. In the other semis, the London Gulls who sent home the Barrie B Hitmen earlier, started to gel and came away with a 2-0 victory over Garden City Empire, the Titans took out another Barrie team, sending the B Flyers home and the Maple Kings sent the Bricksquad to the showers. The semifinals featured two games decided by one goal with Big Bastone continuing their run to the finals by taking out another top seed and ending the Titans chance at a championship while the Gulls scored a goal early and played a tight defensive game to hold on to a 1-0 victory and forcing the Maple Kings to take their short drives home earlier then they hoped. In the B finals, we saw another closely contested matchup with Big Bastone, who took out the #1, #2 and #3 seeds, now facing last years Men’s B Finalists - the London Gulls for the jackets, banner and their names on the trophy. In yet another 1 goal game, we saw the Gulls take the lead and shut down the other team in a fast paced final. In the end, the London Gulls finally got the B division championship they have been fighting for winning 2-1.

Congratulations to the 2018 Men’s B Champions, London Gulls featuring Austin Blais, Cameron Bond, Gordon Clemas, Drew Clemas, Connor Lyttle, Daniel Day, Matt Delisle, Kyle Dicicco, Derek Hann, Andrew Harriman-Duke, Connor McMay, Troy Minor, Trent Minor, Mitchell Morin, Jake Morin, Brandon Stockwell, Brandon Thompson and Clayton Wielsen.


On the C side, in the first game of the quarterfinals, the top seeded Vicious Alpacas fell apart and lost 4-0 to the hardworking 8th seeded Hamilton Haze team in the biggest upset of the round. The Hamilton Knights had the biggest win defeating the Niagara Chiefs 6-1. The Niagara Falls Canucks fought a tough Two and Ten Custom Apparel team from the US and took the game 5-3 with a late empty net goal and the Christie Panthers took out the only remaining Barrie team, the Brawlers in a tight 3-1 matchup. In the semifinals, behind the stellar play of goaltender Bryan Blancher, the Haze took it to the Panthers 3-1 to secure their spot in the finals while the Canucks sent the Knights home and capturing the last spot in the C Finals. The C finals was a goaltending duel as both Blancher and Denis Rea for the Canucks seemed to stop everything thrown their way. The Canucks got a late goal in the second from Michael Bertone to take a 1-0 lead into the third and held tight. Rea stopped every shot the Haze could muster and Daniel Legault added another goal to cement their lead on their way to capturing the Men’s C title.

Congratulations to the 2018 Men’s C Champions, Niagara Falls Canucks featuring Brad Adams, Michael Bertone, Tyler Bowman Ford, Mike Calbury, Curtis Dagenais, Keith Dale, Nico Kozic, Daniel Legault, Tristyn Lewis, Steve McArthur Jr., Cam McLean, Frank Nemeth, Denis Rea, Kevin St.Jean, Nick Stavrou, Matt Steinschifter, Brian Szolga and Eric Tardif.


Women’s A/B Recap

On the women’s side, out of the 14 teams who entered, the top 6 would form the A pool, the next 6 the B pool and the teams who finished in the last two places wouldn’t make it through.

For the round robin games, all teams played 3 games to decide who would move on. The 2017 Women’s B Champs, Ottawa Blackout beat the always tough 2016 Women’s B Champs, Niagara Beastie Bitches, Lupi and Timmins to go undefeated and take the top seed. The 2016 Women’s A Champs, London Norstar looked dominant going 3-0 in round robin as well including a tough 1-0 victory over Barrie Black Donaleighs to finish second seed. The 2017 Women’s A Champions, Ontario Panthers, comprised of numerous Team Canada players, dropped a game against the Beasties but still scored enough points to end up 5th in the A pool. Rounding out the top 6 to form the A pool was Team Name in 3rd, local faves Barrie Black Donaleighs in 4th and Ottawa Peskies in 6th. On the B side, Timmins, Withrow Women, Beasties, Goonies, Lupi and Fonthill Team Awesome all scored one win in round robin to send them all through to the elimination games on Sunday. The two teams who didn’t record a victory were the ones who went home early.

In the A quarterfinals, we saw two shutouts posted as the Panthers scored one goal to hold off the Black Donaleighs and Team Name get 3 against the Peskies to send the Ottawa based team home. In the semis, we got to see a great game between the first seed Ottawa Blackout and the Panthers in what could have easily been a championship game. In the end, the Panthers were too strong and pulled out another 1-0 win to go to the championship. In the other semifinal, the Norstar continued their undefeated streak by handing Team Name their final loss 4-1 to setup the game against the Panthers. The finals was a solid matchup that saw both teams battling hard to capture the title with the Panthers hoping to repeat and London Norstar hoping to play the spoiler and reclaim the top spot in Women’s A. In a tough game, London scored a nice goal in the first period to take the lead and would never relinquish it. They followed it up with a goal in the second that made its way through a crowd and into the back of the net. The Panthers fought hard to try to get back into it but just couldn’t solve the goaltender. In the end, the Norstar went undefeated, 5-0 and only allowed 2 goals all tournament long to take the championship.

Congratulations to the 2018 Women’s A Champions, London Norstar featuring Kathleen Adelseberger, Jennifer Coombs, Kayla Horney, Katrina Jegg, Meghan Lavery, Kelly Librodi, Carly Marino, Carlene McNulty, Alexandra Newell, Giuliana Pallotta, Natalie Roby, Katarina Selinger, Cassandra Silverthorn, Devon Skeats and Brianne Warner.


The B quarters saw the Beasties easily beat Team Awesome 5-1 in an uneven matchup to force a matchup against Withrow, while Lupi used their speed to get past the Goonies and claim their spot in the semis against top seeded Timmins. Both semifinals featured games that weren’t even close. Beasties crushed Withrow 6-0 while Lupi sent Timmins on the long drive home with a 4-1 thumping to setup the Lupi - Beasties B final. Lupi was trying to get the first Women’s B championship for Toronto ever but just couldn’t get past the extremely strong Beasties team. The girls from Niagara were the top scoring team of the tournament with 19 goals for enroute to their championship win.

Congratulations to the 2018 Women’s B Champions, Niagara Beastie Bitches featuring Brittany Agius, Siobhan Black, Jenny Brine, Fiona Davis, Michelle Edgar, Megan Haynes, Shasta Kerr, Jalene McCulloch, Bailee McMullan, Nicole McMullin, Britany Nagy, Jessica Rattle, Annalise Roby, Becca Spence, Andrea Walters and Ashley Watson. North America Top 25 - Updated

We have recently updated the North America Top 25 Team list. Be sure to check it out by clicking on the link below and let us know what you think!

Think your team should be on it? Let us know if your team is winning events that should qualify you for consideration on this list. by contacting:

Brian Broley
President & CEO
BHC Sports Properties
Ball Hockey Ontario &

Help Support a Local Competitive Youth Team and Get Your Game On! - Rebellious 3v3 Tournament

Help Support a Local Competitive Youth Team and Get Your Game On! - Rebellious 3v3 Tournament

The Welland Rebels are a local competitive youth team who fields teams in three age ranges and play a large variety of tournaments across the region and beyond. Welland (570 River Rd.) is hosting a 3v3 tournament on Saturday, August 18th, 2018, with part of the proceeds going to support all of the travel costs associated with the team. Welland Needs Players for Men's C Division!


We are currently have a team looking for players who would like to play in the Men's C division at our Welland location. Whether you are a current C player looking for a team, or a D player looking to improve your skills or compete at a higher level against better players, from Welland or the surrounding area, WE WANT YOU! We have two beautiful rinks located close to the 406. Contact Sara St.Jean today to get the details! Email her at or call 905-734-1040. & BHi Announce New Working Relationship & BHi Announce New Working Relationship & BHi are pleased to announce a new working relationship that will unite all four of the Niagara area facilities under the banner effective March 1. Both entities will combine their resources to provide their customers with easy access to a mix of indoor and outdoor multi-sport facilities in St. Catharines, Niagara Falls, and Welland. Click here for the press release and further details.

Exciting Changes Coming to Leagues in 2018!


The upcoming Spring season marks the start of our 2018 year at, and with that we are excited to announce a few changes to our rules in an effort to better your game experience. Beginning this Spring season, we will be adding an additional 2 minutes of play time to every game. Our new format with see our period structure change to 10-10-12, with the 3rd and final period now being 12 minutes in length. The addition of two minutes per game over the guaranteed 14 game season will provide all players an additional game of playing time.

New game length.png

We are also excited to introduce one more rule change surrounding our icing rule by introducing hybrid icing. You've seen this introduced in the NHL with success and now it is coming to So how does hybrid icing work?

new hybrid icing.png

#1. The official must determine that the ball will cross the goal line.

#2. If the attacking team player will get to the ball first, as determined by which player reaches the end zone face-off dot first, then icing shall be waved off and play continues. If the defending player reaches the end zone face-off dot first OR if the race is too close to determine at that time, icing shall still be called.

The move to hybrid icing will add an additional element to the game that will allow for a more open game on our smaller-sized rinks, while still eliminating concerns for player safety that exist with touch icing.

We were excited last year with the introduction of the 3 on 3 Overtime format, which turned out to be a favourite among the players and is definitely a change that is here to stay. We're hoping the introduction of two other changes will add some additional excitement to the game. Have a suggestion for a rule change? Email us at Top 25 Teams - January 2018


The January 2018 edition of the Top 25 sees a new #1 team on top of the field in the Midnight Express after winning the 2017 Bauer Clash of the Titans. They took the #1 spot away from the Pittsburgh Gods after defeating them in this year's Clash of the Titans championship game.

The Boston Saints see themselves move up one spot in the rankings after a strong showing at the Clash of the Titans tournament earned them a semi-final finish. The Toronto Metro Orangemen are the only team to fall out of the Top 5 after a disappointing tournament, where they failed to advance past the round robin.

The biggest move sees the Barrie Flyers moving up 6 positions after their clinching the title at the World Outdoor Ball Hockey Championships in Barrie. This was a long time coming for the Flyers who have been competing in the tournament as the home team for many years and now sit at #11 on the rankings.

Other changes include the Buffalo Fusion falling 5 spots; the Ottawa Godfathers & North York Hitmen flipping positions after the Hitmen defeated the Godfathers in the elimination rounds at the Clash; The Richmond Hill Falcons moved up to 13 after a strong Clash showing, and the Vaughan Redwings earned a spot in the rankings at #19.

Upcoming Opportunities to Compete:
January 26-28 – Bye Week Championships, Harrisburg, PA, USA
March 2018 – Cool Hockey Events 2018 North American Championships, Philadelphia, PA, USA

Let me know if I am missing your team or an event that should be sanctioned by as qualifying to be included in our assessment of the top teams in North America.

Brian Broley
President & CEO
BHC Sports Properties
Ball Hockey Ontario &

Clash of the Titans Recap, All Star Teams & Career Winnings

Clash Logo.png


The 2017 Clash of the Titans featured 14 of the top teams in North America competing for a $14,000 cash prize pool. This year's final four team features three familiar faces in Midnight Express, Pittsburgh Gods & the Niagara Rebels, and also included newcomers to the tournament the Bauer Saints. 

The round robin saw the two home town teams Niagara Rebels & Niagara War Pigs finish the round robin as the only two teams to go 3-0-0. The other two teams earning a bye to the quarterfinals included the Bauer Saints & Midnight Express. On the other end of the spectrum, the Toronto Rage failed to qualify going 0-3. The team to join them on the outs, turned out to be the reigning Ontario Tier 1 Champions Toronto Orangemen, who failed to qualify after finishing the round robin in a complete tie with the Savage Punishers. In a first for the Clash tournament, every tiebreak was dead even between the two teams, and instead of letting the flip of a coin determine who advanced, a 5 man shootout saw Darryl Wilkes of the Punishers score to advance the Punishers into the elimination rounds.

Saturday night's elimination games saw the Richmond Hill Falcons, Pittsburgh Gods, North York Hitmen & Barrie Flyers advance with wins over the Savages Punishers (6-3), Buffalo Fusion (4-0), Ottawa Godfathers (3-2 in shootout) and Vaughan Redwings 5-0 respectfully. 

In the quarterfinal matchups, three of the four top seeds advanced with the Niagara Rebels defeating the North York Hitmen 4-0, the Bauer Saints topped the Barrie Flyers 2-0 and the Midnight Express bettered the Richmond Hill Falcons 4-1. In the lone upset, the Pittsburgh Gods defeated the Niagara War Pigs 2-0.

In the semifinals, the Pittsburgh Gods continued their dominant run, after a wakeup call first game of the tournament that saw them lose 6-1 to the Niagara Rebels. They managed to hold the tournament's highest scoring team, the Bauer Saints to only one goal, while burying four on route to a 4-1 victory. In the other semi-final, two familiar foes of the tournament went head to head. The Niagara Rebels were unable to take advantage of eight powerplays including two separate five-on-threes, and as a result fell to the eventual champions, the Midnight Express. In the Championship game, the Midnight Express jumped out to a quick 2-0 lead after the Pittsburgh Gods goaltender appeared to suffer and battle a leg injury. The Gods made it a 2-1 game before Midnight quickly answered back, on their way to their second consecutive Clash of the Titans title.



Tournament All - Star Teams



Forward - Kevin Kuzmarski, Niagara Rebels - 5 Goals, 6 Assists.

Forward - Aaron Haine, Pittsburgh Gods - 5 Goals, 5 Assists.

Forward - Korey Wilson, Bauer Saints - 1 Goal, 8 Assists.

Defensemen - Bobby Housser, Midnight Express - 3 Goals, 6 Assists.

Defensemen - Evan Huckalo, Niagara Rebels - 3 Goals, 2 Assists

Goalie-Dave DiGironimo, Midnight Express-5-0, 2.00 GAA, .902 Sv%


Forward - JK Gill, Midnight Express - 4 Goals, 4 Assists

Forward - Adam Bevilaqua, Midnight Express - 4 Goals, 3 Assists

Forward - Alberto Cucchiara, Rich. Hill Falcons - 3 Goals, 3 Assists.

Defensemen - Matt Tremblett, Midnight Express - 2 Goals, 3 Assists.

Defensemen - Roy Duttine, Pittsburgh Gods - 2 Assists

Goalie - John Rethage, Pittsburgh Gods - 5-2, 2.14 GAA, .893 Sv%

For a complete listing of the schedule, round robin standing, players statistics, & goalie statistics, visit the tournament home page.



1. MIDNIGHT EXPRESS, $23,400 - 2017 & 2016 Champions, 2015 & 2014 Finalists, 2013 Semifinalists. 

2. NIAGARA REBELS, $18,600 - 2015 & 2013 Champions, 2017, 2016, & 2014 Semifinalists. 

3. PITTSBURGH GODS, $12,600 - 2014 Champions, 2017 Finalists, 2016 Semifinalists.

4. TORONTO ORANGEMEN, $2,800 - 2016 Finalists.

5. BUFFALO FUSION, $2,000 - 2013 Finalists.

6. BAUER SAINTS, $1,400 - 2017 Semifinalists.

6. NORTH YORK HITMEN, $1,400 - 2015 Semifinalists.

6. NIAGARA MONARCHS, $1,400 - 2015 Semifinalists.

6. NIAGARA WAR PIGS, $1,400 - 2014 Semifinalists.

10. BARRIE FLYERS, $1,000 - 2013 Semifinalists.




























Thanks to all teams who participated in this year's event. We look forward to hosting you all again at our events in 2018/



2017 Clash of the Titans Schedule Released

The schedule for this weekend's big event has been officially released. Please see the schedule below to find out when your favourite team is playing. Keep tabs on the weekend's results by visiting the Clash of the Titans tournament page, where there will be live standings & player statistics. WeeStream will also be live streaming all games on Sunday. Links will be posted and available on the tournament page. Come and check out the highest talent around in this weekend's event.