Cataylst Ball Hockey wraps up their 6th Annual New England Classic

Last weekend the New England Classic took place in Boston, Ma. The 6th annual event was a smashing success and Catalyst Ball Hockey released the following post event wrap up:

"On behalf of everyone at Catalyst, we want to thank everyone who participated in and supported the 6th Annual New England Ball Hockey Classic presented by Bauer Hockey, Inc. this past weekend.

Breakaway Hockey Dek & Sports and Casey Corcoran, with the help ofAllen Pereira, provided us with an outstanding venue, and support staff, for our event. If you haven't had the opportunity to play at their venue, you are missing out. These guys know and love our sport.

Our refs and scorekeeper did an outstanding job all weekend. No one has a more difficult time during any street hockey tournament than the officials. They are scrutinized and their calls are never satisfactory. This is not unique to our events, but all street hockey events. We thank our refs for their patience and efforts.

Almost every game this weekend was close and competitive. Sunday afternoon was electric. The final 3 A games and the Rec final was nothing short of outstanding, up and down hockey. We hope to be able to continue to grow our elite A tournament next year by adding more out of state teams. We certainly hope the Ottawa Godfathers have made it out of MA, as no team enjoys themselves more during hockey weekends (as it should be). 

Huge thanks to Buffalo Killer B's and Sting for making the journey down. We know they were shorthanded, but it means a lot to us that their organizer and leader Robert Chassin got a chance to see how far we have come since our 2nd year, when he last came down.

We think it's safe to say the Leominster Rams are back to competing for major tournament titles with a solid core that isn't going anywhere. The RI Rage will only continue to get better and had a strong showing this weekend. The Leominster Jets aren't dead yet, and Dracut Breakaway Best showed they can not only compete with other A teams, but win. 

Rec Champions: Mill City Hitmen

Rec Champions: Mill City Hitmen

Our Rec teams were top notch, each team truly had a chance to win the whole thing. Congrats to the Millcity Hitmen Hockey on winning the Rec Title. Great weekend for them and they deserved it.

Lastly, if you were at the rink Sunday afternoon for the Leominster Americans and Boston Saints game, you saw how great our sport can be. Up and down, physical action at its best. This rivalry has been going on for 3 years now, with both teams claiming victories and titles. Highlight real goals, dozens of blocked shots, hits, fights and spontaneous celebrations. If you have not seen these two teams play, you are missing out. 

A Champions: Boston Saints

A Champions: Boston Saints

Get to a tournament and see them battle.

See everyone next year for our A & Rec, where we hope to continue the tradition of elite hockey.

Next up for us is the 3 on 3 National Championship presented by BAUER Hockey Inc. More information will be released in the coming days and weeks but contact us ASAP as we expect this event to sell out. Keep in mind we are running 5 divisions, plenty of opportunity for everyone to participate.

Leominster Dek Hockey Can-Ams, Clash of the Titans,Cool Hockey Events Holiday Bash, Breakaway Hockey Dek & SportsHangover Tournament, and George Tarantino Jr. 's Super Bowl Bye Week Tournament are all upon us. We hope everyone can make it to one or two of these great events.

Tournament MVP’s

MVP - Andrew Goduco

Men's A All Tournament Team

F - Evan Sousa
F - John Petito
F - Korey Wilson
D - Jeremiah Lynch
D - Mike Colcord
G - Nick Lamb